July 28, 2010

Apple Unveils Upgraded iMac Desktops, “˜Magic Trackpad’

Apple Inc. unveiled its updated line of desktop computers on Tuesday, as the company continues to build momentum in the computing market.

The upgraded all-in-one iMac line, which went on sale Tuesday, includes the latest-generation Intel processors and improved graphics.

Prices start at $1,199 for a model with a 21.5-inch screen, and $1,699 for the 27-inch version.  A new 27-inch LED display will be available in September for $999, the company said.

Apple said it would begin selling an updated version of its high-end Mac Pro line in August, which will include Intel's powerful quad-core and 6-core Xeon chips.  Prices will start at $2,499.

Cupertino, California-based Apple generated $1.3 billion in revenue in its most recent quarter, having sold 1 million desktop Mac units -- an 18 percent increase from last year.

Market research firm IDC ranks the company the No. 4 computer supplier in the U.S. with an 8.8 percent market share.

Apple also began selling its "ËœMagic Trackpad', a bluetooth wireless touchpad that lets users operate any Mac computer using finger gestures "“ something well known to anyone who uses an iPhone or iPad.

The battery-powered device went on sale today at the online Apple Store for $69.

The Magic Trackpad works at distances of up to 33 feet away from the computer, the company said.  To conserve battery life, it can detect periods of inactivity and includes an on/off switch.

"The new Magic Trackpad is the first Multi-Touch trackpad designed to work with your Mac desktop computer. It uses the same Multi-Touch technology you love on the MacBook Pro," Apple said on its site.

"It supports a full set of gestures, giving you a whole new way to control and interact with what's on your screen. Swiping through pages online feels just like flipping through pages in a book or magazine. And inertial scrolling makes moving up and down a page more natural than ever."

Shares of Apple's stock rose 1.85 percent on Tuesday, closing at $264.08.


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