July 29, 2010

Nissan Announces Vitamin C Mist, “˜Easy Chairs’ In Future Models

Nissan announced on Wednesday a number of new features that will be available in upcoming models of its vehicles, including air conditioners that emit vitamin C, "friendly" speedometers and heated, stress-relieving seats.

The automaker said the new speedometers would be equipped with technology that provides drivers with reminders of birthdays, anniversaries and other important dates.  Its new ergonomic "easy chairs", which harness research from NASA, will allow better blood circulation and lessen the risks of back pain during long drives.

The company also plans to introduce Sharp air purifiers and air conditioners that pump vitamin C to moisturize drivers' skin during their ride.

"We want drivers to feel that they are healthier staying in the car instead of on the outside," the AFP quoted Nissan engineer Kenichi Tanaka as saying Wednesday during a driving event near Tokyo.

The company also announced a variety of driver safety enhancements, including new anti-collision features, which it plans to make available on its vehicles within the next few years.

The anti-collision technology resembles radar systems in use today by ships and planes, and will track the distance to objects in front of the vehicle to prevent collisions at speeds of up to 40 mph.  The system makes a beeping sound to instruct the driver to decelerate, while automatically slowing the vehicle by partially braking and raising the accelerator pedal, Nissan said.

Nissan's announcement underscores the fierce competition among leading automakers as they scramble to distinguish their vehicles in ways beyond transportation.

"The emotional aspect of a car has become increasingly important as customer needs diversify," Tanaka said.


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