Landscape Flower Bulbs: The Best, Brightest and Newest of Holland’s Flower Bulb Companies

August 2, 2010

DEZILK, Holland, Aug. 2 /PRNewswire/ — Easy, fun, affordable. The dream landscape has become reality.

Landscape Flower Bulbs, www.LandscapeFlowerBulbs.com may be the newest bulb wholesaler on the scene, but they are brimming with experience and ready to take the industry by storm with a unique, Internet-based approach.

Strong customer relationships, combined with robust product knowledge and quality equates to unequalled value. The new company’s team combines their unequalled value with a fresh approach that will change how landscapers view and use landscape bulbs.

This approach involves their new, state-of-the-art website, www.LandscapeFlowerBulbs.com. Landscape Flower Bulbs recently launched the colorful website with a variety of features that make selection and purchase effortless for wholesale clients. Popular features include an automatic calculator for quick quantity estimates, and a search feature, which allows bulb selection by category, bloom time or color. But, one website feature stands out with an easy, fool-proof selection system.

Landscape Flower Bulbs observed that a key element in successful bulb landscaping was missing in competitors’ bulb programs. Ease of selection and guaranteed results. The company’s team used inspiration from the world-renowned Keukenhof show gardens in the Netherlands to develop over 50 specific bulb collections. These special collections are designed to produce stunning landscape results, which mimic some of the best of the famous gardens. With one click, the designer can order the exact bulbs needed to create a show-stopping, Keukenhof-inspired garden for their customer!

A major Dutch bulb grower owns and operates the new wholesaler, and offers distribution facilities in the United States, Canada and Holland. Each member of the company’s Dutch-born management team has an average of 40 years in the bulb industry.

Product control and quality are paramount. Landscape Flower Bulbs monitors each bulb that they grow and sell, every step of the way. State-of-the-art quality control is exercised for the company’s premium bulb product from production on their own farms in the Netherlands to the end user.

Unlike the majority of flower bulb companies, Landscape Flower Bulbs exclusively serves wholesale customers in specialized landscape markets of the United States and Canada. Competitive product pricing is a result of the company’s website marketing and direct mail order approach.

With Landscape Flower Bulbs and their new website, www.LandscapeFlowerBulbs.com, landscape professionals are finally able to design confidently with bulbs and create beautiful, lasting flowering landscapes.

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