August 3, 2010

Facebook: What Comes First the Billion or the Float? …& it’s 500/1 that Paul Ceglia gets 84%

LONDON, August 3, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- The world's largest betting
brand*, Bodog (, are betting on whether Facebook will
hit 1 billion users and also whether they will make an Initial Public
Offering (IPO) before that happens.

Founder Mark Zuckerberg reckons it's 'almost guaranteed' to reach the
billion so have set the challenge: will they reach 1 billion before
January 1st 2012: Yes Evens, No 8/11? slightly favour the 'No' side
because in our world there's no such thing as 'almost guaranteed'!

In the same address Mr Zuckerberg also talked about an IPO for the
company but would not be drawn into dates stating that it was something that
would happen: "At some point, sure."

So now pose the question - what comes first the billion or the
float: Billion 4/6, IPO 11/10. Come on Mark, put your money where your mouth
is. will also give odds of 500/1 that Paul Ceglia gains his claimed
84% stake in the company.

*Independent research shows Bodog to be the biggest online gaming brand
in the world according Google Alerts: