IDS Vendor, Tactical FLEX, First to Offer iPhone App

August 9, 2010

SEATTLE, Aug. 9 /PRNewswire/ — Tactical FLEX becomes the first Intrusion Detection System vendor to offer an iPhone App. Aanval is the first and only intrusion detection correlation console to provide native iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad access to live Snort and Syslog event data. Loyal Moses, company owner, said, “Users of the Aanval iPhone App can access Aanval event details directly from an iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad anywhere, even on the go!”

The new iPhone App is compatible with both the free single sensor versions of Aanval as well as fully licensed commercial installations. Aanval customers may purchase and install the iPhone App to enjoy live access to Aanval’s event data. Aanval iPhone @ http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/aanval/id381007750?mt=8

Moses added, “Tactical FLEX is committed to a very aggressive feature enhancement timeline for Aanval iPhone and will be releasing updates over the next several weeks.” He also noted, “Aanval iPhone requires Aanval 5.5 build 50743 or greater.”

Aanval iPhone screen shots are available on the Aanval Web site at www.aanval.com. Aanval may be downloaded as a free single-sensor version and Aanval v5.6 Snort and / or Syslog product licenses, upgrades, training and support service packages may be purchased from Tactical FLEX at www.aanval.com.

About Tactical FLEX:

Tactical FLEX, a privately owned software development firm, specializes in Rich Internet Application Development using Adobe Flex and AIR. The firm also offers IT consulting and professional services. Aanval is the company’s primary product and the industry’s leading web-based GUI for snort and syslog intrusion detection and correlation. Government security and defense organizations from more than a half dozen countries, educational institutions from around the world, global financial organizations as well as space exploration and military weapons manufacturers rely upon Aanval as a part of their security infrastructure. The Aanval console system is designed to scale from small single sensor installations to global enterprise deployments. In total, over 5,500 organizations in 95 countries use Aanval to secure their network(s). A list of select customers is available on the Aanval Web site at www.aanval.com/flex/#op=customers.


Source: newswire

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