August 10, 2010

Malware Viruses Reached New High In First Half Of 2010

McAfee Inc said recently that production of software code known as malware reached a new high in the first six months of 2010.

The number 2 security software makers said total malware production continued to soar and 10 million new pieces of malicious code were archived. 

The company also said that Macintosh computer users may be subjected to malware attacks in the future.

"For a variety of reasons, malware has rarely been a problem for Mac users. But those days might end soon," McAfee said.

"Our latest threat report depicts that malware has been on a steady incline in the first half of 2010," Mike Gallagher, chief technology officer of Global Threat Intelligence for McAfee, said in the report that was obtained by Reuters.

McAfee Labs detected a Mac-based Trojan virus known as "OSX/HellRTS," which reads or modifies the contents of the clipboard or plays tricks on the user like opening and closing the CD drive.

"We do not want to overstate this threat. But it serves as a reminder that in this age of cybercrime, data theft and identity theft users of all operating systems and devices must take precautions," McAfee said.

McAfee said that after reaching a high point last year, the spread of spam messages has flattened out for the second quarter.


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