Urbancode Unveils Deployment Pack at Agile 2010

August 10, 2010

ORLANDO, Fla., Aug. 10 /PRNewswire/ — Urbancode, leader in Enterprise Continuous Integration, today unveiled their new Deployment Pack at Agile 2010. Visitors to Urbancode’s booth # 131 can see a live demonstration of the Deployment Pack, designed to bring Agile deployment processes to the enterprise. Urbancode will also demonstrate AnthillPro 3.7.4 – the newest version of its full-featured, enterprise-level build and deployment server that enables large organizations to practice Enterprise Continuous Integration – with the new Xtreme Feedback Monitor to bring the Agile feedback loop to everyone in the enterprise.

“Agile 2010 provides an ideal venue for demonstrating our expanded product line. We are introducing the Deployment Pack, created at the request of customers seeking to extend their Agile initiatives to deployments,” said Urbancode President Maciej Zawadzki. “We are also showing visitors how the newest version of our flagship tool, AnthillPro 3.7.4, can help the enterprise improve Agility while maintaining control, as well as showing the new Xtreme Feedback Monitor.”

Deployment Pack Extends Agile Automation to Deployments

The new Deployment Pack enables organizations to easily extend their AnthillPro Agile processes to deployments – and allows them to introduce emerging Agile practices, such as Continuous Deployment, while maintaining the necessary control and governance.

Integrations with leading server technologies (including WebSphere, Microsoft’s IIS/MSDeploy, Tomcat, WebLogic, and more) make it easy for AnthillPro users to improve their Agile deployments by adding additional automation to the process. The integrations in the Deployment Pack enable AnthillPro users to create repeatable, click-button/fully automated deploy processes that: run commands to start and stop servers and applications; install new applications; update applications; as well as automate other administrative functions.

The Deployment Pack also provides complete traceability, visibility, and governance for every deployment by tying the artifacts to the source code that was built using AnthillPro: seamlessly bringing deployments under the AnthillPro umbrella. Deploy engineers, developers, and managers can easily know what build was deployed to which environment, who ran the deployment, and what changes were included in the deployment through the AnthillPro UI.

The Deployment Pack is available today through Urbancode’s Early Access Program.

Improved Build & Deployment Automation with AnthillPro 3.7.4

AnthillPro 3.7.4 introduces features and improvements to enhance usability and productivity, including: new integrations with Maven 2, CollabNet TeamForge, Oracle RAC, and other Agile tools; improvements to the UI that make troubleshoot broken builds and deployments quicker and easier; and streamlined configuration for running the same process (e.g., a build) on multiple machines. More about AnthillPro 3.7.4 is available at: http://www.anthillpro.com/html/products/anthillpro/features/whatsnew-3-7-4.html.

Urbancode’s Xtreme Feedback Monitor Brings Agile Feedback to the Entire Enterprise

The Xtreme Feedback Monitor (XFM) provides real-time feedback to developers, administrators, managers and executives regarding the state of builds and deployments in the enterprise. It contains at-a-glance information about developer commits, test passing rate, as well as the status of current and recently broken builds and secondary workflows.

“During its development, we had the latest version always running on a monitor where all of the developers could see it at points throughout the day,” said Kit Corry, Urbancode Software Development Manager. “Instantly, developers that committed code that broke the build were being notified quicker by the XFM than through e-mail or other alert mechanisms. In addition, other team members, including testers and managers, use XFM to identify long running workflows. This easy-to-read feedback gives them the ability to quickly rectify any problems.”

About Urbancode

Urbancode is the technical leader in build and release management solutions since 2001. AnthillPro offers the only complete enterprise continuous integration platform with Build and Dependency Management, Deployment Automation, Test Orchestration, and Release Management. Customers in the financial, banking, insurance, software and high-tech industries achieve end-to-end automation using .NET, Java, and/or native technologies. Urbancode’s unique products integrate with SCM, issue tracking, change management, test automation and IDE tools. Founded in 1996, Urbancode is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio.

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