August 11, 2010

Apple Trying To Resolve Japan’s iPod Nano Overheating Issue

Apple's Japanese unit is offering to replace iPod nano music players after reports claimed the first generation of the device was overheating.

Apple confirmed on its Japanese website that the iPod's battery was overheating in devices sold between September 2005 and December 2006.

The company said that it offered to replace affected units, adding that concerned customers using the first-generation iPod nano can now get the battery replaced.

Apple also said the fault is attributed to a particular battery supplier, and that batteries made by a different supplier were not affected.

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry said the recharging problems caused six fires among 27 overheating incidents.

Last week, the ministry said Apple's delay in separately notifying it of 34 other "non-serious" overheating accidents related to the device was "truly regrettable."

Apple's Japanese unit put information on its website about the issue, including recommendation of a battery replacement.  However, critics say the company did not make the warnings prominent enough on its website.

Apple has since confirmed it would improve its website.

The ministry said on Wednesday that it was "aware of the amendment" onApple's site.

"But we have yet to receive any formal report from the company about it. So we cannot make any comment at this stage," Naotake Fujushiro, a product safety official at the ministry, told AFP news.

Apple has sold 1.8 million iPod nano units in Japan since September 2005.


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