August 12, 2010

‘Zeus’ Virus Stealing Money From British Bank Accounts

US cyber security firm M86 Security warned on Wednesday that hackers using a sophisticated "Zeus" virus were pilfering cash from online accounts at a British financial institution.

Cyber criminals have siphoned more than a million dollars since early July and "the attack is still progressing," the security firm said in an online warning.

The software slipped onto machines secretly, most likely at websites set up with booby-traps, and is designed to hack online banking sessions, according to M86.

The malware gets between the bank and its customers, showing people screens of how their accounts should look while actually letting a command-and-control center take control of their transactions, M86 said.

A command-and-control center for the cyber attackers was tracked to Eastern Europe and all findings have been shared with proper law authorities, according to the security firm.

"These criminals continuously seek new, sophisticated ways to steal information and money without detection," the firm said in a paper detailing its findings, adding "it's increasingly difficult for security companies to stay ahead of the proliferation of new, dynamic malware."


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