Electrone Americas Ltd., Co. Provides Texas A&M University with Programmable Keyboards for Cosmic Radiation Research

August 16, 2010

BOCA RATON, Fla., Aug. 16 /PRNewswire/ — Electrone Americas Ltd., Co. is proud to announce the implementation of some of its Tipro MID Programmable Keyboard offerings at Texas A&M University’s renowned Cyclotron Institute–a scientific research facility specializing in nuclear chemistry and physics. The newly purchased MID keyboards, acquired as part of the institute’s recent expansion, are now being used on the control system of the facility’s cyclotrons to control powerful beams used to simulate cosmic radiation for clients such as the National Aeronautics & Space Administration (NASA).

Prior to purchasing their new 32- and 64-key programmable keyboards from Electrone, Cyclotron technicians and scientists were using an extremely large keyboard that required two desktop processors to control their beam accelerators. According to Tim Cowden, one of the facility’s skilled electrical technicians, the old keyboard was large and cumbersome. “When we decided to expand,” said Cowden, “we knew we needed a programmable keyboard that was more modular and space efficient, as well as adaptable to the increased demands of our upgraded systems.”

After using the same keyboard for years, Cowden (who actually secured the purchase of the programmable keyboards from Electrone) stressed the importance of selecting new programmable keyboards that would be fully supported by the seller. With Electrone, he knew he could be certain that his facility would not only have new keyboards of superior quality and functionality, but that if any issues arose, or if the Cyclotron needed more programmable keyboards in the future, he could rely on Electrone.

When questioned about how his co-workers were adapting to the new programmable keyboards, Cowden replied, “The accelerator technicians definitely appreciate the modular functionality of these programmable keyboards. Personally, what I like is that I can inexpensively and easily customize all of the key tops using a basic color printer.”

With two separate cyclotrons, one of which is being remodeled to serve as an isotope factory in the near future, Texas A&M’s Cyclotron Institute is poised to even further expand its reputation as one of the United States’ leading scientific research establishments. Electrone is pleased to have provided the Cyclotron with its new programmable keyboards.

For more information about Electrone’s programmable keyboard offerings, please visit www.keyboardspecials.com or www.electrone.com. You can also e-mail IT specialist Gonzalo Perez (gonzalop@electroneamericas.com) or call 561-395-3398 for any further details.

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