WineMatch.com Presents a Consumer-Friendly Alternative to the 100-Point Wine Rating System

August 24, 2010

LAKE FOREST, Calif., Aug. 24 /PRNewswire/ — WineMatch.com releases combined sensory, chemistry and winery data web site to help consumers find matches to wines they already enjoy. This is a new concept in the evaluation of wines for the average consumer called Wine Profiling. This data-base driven, multi-point, wine-matching engine is the first of its kind. Using more real data and less subjectivity, WineMatch.com is a place for both wineries and consumers.

Wine Submission Portal. Wineries can submit their wines via the web and gain near-instant visibility. As WineMatch.com only profiles wines of the United States, it is a place for wineries and consumers alike to compare and contrast many characteristics, such as fruit, alcohol, wine-growing regions, price points, cases made, and much more. Facebook and Twitter integration are key components for sharing WineMatch.com results in the social media space.

Winery Benefits. Wines are not judged on a 100-point system, which can be make-or-break, but instead, wine qualities are presented by highlighting intensities of wine characteristics on a wheel, the WineMatchWheel(TM). Wines are submitted by wineries through a winery portal to facilitate and expedite the evaluation and posting of wines. Turnaround of receipt of wine to publishing of profile is always done within 30 days, often times sooner. Wineries can also post events on the web site free of charge.

Consumer Benefits. Consumers win through having a more objective wine profiling system, where intensities of major characteristics are clearly displayed. Matches are made to wines identified as favorites by consumers via a free user account. Consumers sensitive to alcohol levels or free sulfites can find wines that meet their criteria as well. Winery-sponsored events are sortable by date and region, so consumers can find events in their winery destination fast and easily.

Mobile Apps. Functionality for mobile devices, specifically iPhone and Droid, is due out this Fall.

About WineMatch. WineMatch.com was born out of a desire to find the right wine the first time. All wines on WineMatch.com have been profiled on-site and lab chemistry performed in a calibrated and verified wine lab using industry standards. Additional data is provided by the wineries.

WineMatch.com was initially released as Brixage.com in February of 2010, and is wholly owned by Roundbrix Corporation, a technology infrastructure company. Roundbrix is a California Corporation based in Lake Forest, California. Visit us at http://www.winematch.com

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