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August 26, 2010

CHICAGO, Aug. 26 /PRNewswire/ — For more information, please go to: http://altoids.presslift.com/tuneout

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Say goodbye to unwanted updates and to grade school classmates yelling for attention on Facebook. The Altoids brand is all about knowing what you want and ignoring everything else, which is why it has celebrated its Curiously Strong(TM) flavor for more than 200 years. To amplify this message, the Altoids brand announces the launch of Tune Out for Desktop, a free app allowing users to keep up with their favorite — and only their favorite — people on Facebook. All versions of the app, which became available on iPhone and Android earlier this year, can be demoed and downloaded at www.facebook.com/altoids.

Tune Out is a new way for consumers to view and comment on recent updates from their favorites on a single, scrolling screen — so they’ll never miss out on the latest news, stories or photos they care most about.

How It Works:

  • When the app opens, users will be prompted to log into their Facebook account. Next, they’ll be presented with a full list of Facebook friends and can search for specific friends by name.
  • Users can then choose their favorites who will be added to the “Tuned In” option and appear in a grid. To keep the app manageable, we recommend no more than 16 favorites. Everyone else is “tuned out,” though consumers can always edit their selections and notify friends when they’ve been added to their “Tuned In” list.
  • Starred profiles let consumers know at-a-glance the favorites who have updates to share. Simply click on a profile photo to view individual updates or click “Latest” to view all recent posts together on a single feed. From there, users can comment on any of the posts to stay connected.
  • An added bonus, Tune Out works with Twitter as well.

Altoids is a brand that knows what it likes. It represents strength, confidence and conviction. With Tune Out, those who value these same qualities can finally give their closest friends the attention they deserve.

For more information about Altoids, visit www.altoids.com.

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