BizArk Services Finally Launched, Supported by IDG Ventures

August 30, 2010

SHANGHAI, Aug. 30 /PRNewswire-Asia/ — BizArk, a China-Based e-commerce
company specializes in providing international trading solutions for Chinese
companies, formally launched on August 23rd, 2010. IDG Venture has invested
several tens of millions of dollars in it.

IDG, thought to be cautious, seems very generous and determined in this
investment. Outsiders speculate it is possible to make up its failure in
Alibaba. “IDG has invested in many Internet companies, such as Baidu and Ctrip,
but we missed Alibaba, which is our biggest failure,” Xiaoge Xiong, Hugo,
senior vice-President and Asian President of IDG, expressed his disappointment
two years ago.

On this investment, IDG Ventures stated, “BizArk fits well with the fund’s
criteria of a good team and advanced technology in e-commerce. We believe the
B2C foreign trade platform will play out big going forward.”

Armed with the support of IDG, BizArk sets its goal to be a new leading
e-commerce company. It plans is to utilize the funds to expand its presence in
China and enhance it services.

Neil Zhou, the founder of BizArk, said, “Now many large enterprises
haven’t realized the importance of B2B and B2C foreign trade. Luckily, the
competence is not so stiff at present, so there is still the possibility of
fast success for SMEs.” He also points out that B2C foreign trade will become
the new hot point in the field of e-commerce in the coming 3 to 5 years.

Besides IDG, BizArk also attracts the attentions of big companies, such as
Google, TrustWave, Paypal and LinkShare.

It is reported that, BizArk and Google have attained a cooperation to
build up a tailored platform for trading companies which have a narrow product
range but intend to develop overseas markets according to its product
characteristics and market situation.

In addition, BizArk and Trustwave are working together to ensure the
information security of Chinese companies and provide solutions to payment
card industry compliance management.

The cooperation of Paypal and BizArk aims to provide a secure, fast and
effective solution to cross-border trade.

Affiliate marketing platform – LinkShare – has outsourced its affiliate
agent services in China Region to BizArk. LinkShare will assist BizArk to
provide an effective affiliate marketing strategy and powerful technology and
solutions support with its strength in the USA.

It is worth noting that BizArk employs Jason Gu, former Google general
manager of the Eastern China Region, as its CEO.

BizArk is the first overseas e-commerce platform in China to provide
comprehensive foreign trade solutions for trading companies. At present, it
has more than 400 employees.

About BizArk

BizArk is an e-commerce company that provides comprehensive international
trade e-commerce solutions & services, specializing in website construction,
network marketing, website security, logistics, call center, legal affair
consulting as well as support service.



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