August 31, 2010

LG: No More Cathode Ray Tube TVs

LG Electronics announced Monday it would stop production of bulky cathode ray tube televisions due to falling demand and because analog-based broadcasting services are no longer around.

The South Korean-based electronics manufacturer began making TVs in 1966. The company will also stop selling the CRT TVs once its inventories are exhausted, a spokesman for LG told AFP.

The spokesman said, although LG is stopping the manufacture of the televisions in the domestic market, it will continue to produce them for overseas markets including India, Vietnam, China and Egypt where demand for them is still booming.

CRT TVs accounted for less than five percent of LG's total TV sales last year and the market is continuing to slip even further as consumers favor slimmer digital panel televisions. CRT TVs have also lost popularity in South Korea as broadcasters made the move to go digital only beginning in 2013.


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