Easy WLAN Deployment and Maintenance with TamoGraph Site Survey

September 2, 2010

CHRISTCHURCH, New Zealand, September 2, 2010 /PRNewswire/ — TamoSoft(R),
a leading provider of network analysis software, announced today its release
of a new product for Wi-Fi data visualization, TamoGraph(TM) Site Survey.

The new product is a powerful and user-friendly Windows 7/Vista/XP
application for conducting 802.11 a/b/g/n site surveys. Deploying and
maintaining a wireless network require using a professional RF site survey
tool that facilitates otherwise time-consuming and highly complex tasks
including ongoing analysis and reporting of signal strength, noise and
interference, channel allocation, data rates, etc.

“TamoGraph Site Survey condenses 12 years of our network analysis and
monitoring experience into a single application,” said Pavel Shevchouk, CEO
of TamoSoft. “We’ve been providing professional wireless software tools to
the industry since the advent of the first 802.11 devices and I believe that
we have built great expertise in this field. We have used that expertise to
create a product that gives WLAN professionals insight into complex and
difficult-to-predict Wi-Fi environments, at both the pre- and post-deployment
stages. Using TamoGraph enables businesses to dramatically reduce the time
and costs involved in deploying and maintaining their WLAN, and to improve
their networks’ performance and coverage, and all at an attractive,
competitive price.”

TamoGraph’s key features include simple and fast data collection,
automatic access point location, and comprehensive WLAN analysis with
easy-to-understand visualizations of signal level, interference, access point
coverage areas, data rates, and network issues. The application presents
detailed information about every access point: channel, maximum data rate,
vendor, encryption type, etc. It fully supports 802.11n, 802.11a, 802.11b,
and 802.11g networks. Detailed reports can be generated in both PDF and HTML

TamoGraph Site Survey is available through http://www.tamos.com, as well
as through a network of distributors and resellers. The license covers a year
of free upgrades and technical support. A 30-day trial version, user manual,
technical specifications, and data sheet are available for download from the
TamoSoft Web site.

About TamoSoft

TamoSoft develops cutting-edge security and network monitoring software
for wired and wireless networks, including the renowned CommView product
line. With a portfolio including such companies as Motorola, Siemens,
Ericsson, Nokia, Cisco, Unisys, UBS, Dresdner Bank, Olympus, and General
Electric, TamoSoft is one of the fastest-growing IT application development
firms in the marketplace today.


    Michael Berg
    Managing Director


    Phone: +1-866-582-6675 (USA, toll-free)
    Phone: +44(0)2070-602-806 (UK, our Authorized Reseller)
    Phone: +64-3-669-0391 (New Zealand)
    Fax: +64-3-310-2413


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