Joyent Partners With Switch to Offer the Most Secure, Reliable Cloud Hosting for High-Performance Application and Data Delivery

September 13, 2010

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 13 /PRNewswire/ — Joyent, a leading global provider of smart computing solutions (http://www.joyent.com/), announced today that it has partnered with Switch to power the first public and hybrid cloud offering in the world’s most efficient, high-density, ultra-scale data center, the Switch SuperNAP in Las Vegas.

In addition to expanding the global reach of Joyent’s smart computing, the partnership will enable Joyent and Switch to offer unprecedented performance, security and connectivity to meet the demands of high-sensitivity and data-heavy customers, including gaming and media companies, financial firms and government agencies.

“We’re excited to add Switch as a key partner and service provider using Joyent’s Smart Technologies to deliver a public cloud. The combination of the SuperNAP’s pervasive connectivity and iron-clad security with Joyent’s high-performance Smart Technologies delivers infrastructure and platform as a service with an unprecedented level of reliability and scale that is unmatched anywhere in the world,” said David Young, CEO and founder of Joyent.

The Switch SuperNAP is a 407,000 square foot facility and is the worlds most efficient, high density, ultra-scale data center. The highly secure SuperNAP’s patented designs deliver up to 1,500 watts per square foot, support its 100% uptime guarantee, and has capacity for over 6,000 cabinets. This unique environment will provide Joyent’s customers with access to Switch|C.O.R.E., a multiple carrier telecommunications connectivity hub that enables unparalleled speed to delivery and provides the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry.

This exclusive partnership also positions Joyent as a founding member of Switch|Cloud I.C.E., the United States Inter-Cloud Exchange, designed to allow a collection of private and public cloud vendors to co-exist and integrate seamlessly alongside the public cloud powered by Joyent Smart Technology. By providing customers with the option for both private and public hosting, as well as the ability to move data from one to the other, Switch|Cloud I.C.E allows Joyent smart computing to function in concert with nearby large private cloud or collocated services, minimizing latency and optimizing data throughput versus standard public cloud architecture.

“By leveraging the performance and security of the SuperNAP and the power of the United States Inter-Cloud Exchange, Joyent’s highly-scalable architecture will provide a robust platform for hybrid cloud deployments and computationally intensive applications,” said Rob Roy, CEO and founder of Switch.

In addition to improving app delivery and performance, minimizing network latency and reducing administrative costs, the new Joyent solution powered by the SuperNAP extends Joyent’s professional management services to help customers create and manage the environment that best suits their needs. With Joyent smart computing continuing to expand to leading global service providers, customers can now define the best application architecture to minimize latency, enhance business continuity, and make adjustments on the fly to meet evolving global demands.

For more information about Joyent’s purpose-built stack of carrier grade Smart Technologies for cloud computing, visit www.joyent.com, http://www.joyent.com.

About Joyent

Joyent is the premier Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) provider offering cloud computing solutions worldwide since 2004. Delivering billions of page views per month, Joyent’s Smart Technologies improve performance, scalability, manageability and security for thousands of web and mobile applications. Serving a network of service providers and thousands of customers, Joyent is the only company that runs a major public cloud infrastructure, builds the technologies that power that infrastructure, and uses those technologies to enable multiple third-party public, private, and hybrid clouds.

About Switch

Switch delivers Truth in Technology(TM). Switch has created a new model for technology delivery – a world-class telecommunications hub delivering the best cloud computing platforms all in the world’s most efficient, high density, ultra scale data centers – the Switch SuperNAPs. The patented SuperNAPs serve as the foundation for the U.S. Inter-Cloud Exchange (SwitchCloud I.C.E.) where the industry’s leading burst-ready computing platforms are accessed from one secure facility. Switch is America’s premier communications gateway. With the acquisition of the Enron Broadband Services peering arbitrage data center, Switch created SwitchC.O.R.E. (Combined Order Retail Ecosystem). SwitchC.O.R.E. aggregates the combined power of all its customers into one carrier-neutral consortium for an unmatched return on infrastructure investment. The sum of these parts is what Switch calls Truth in Technology(TM) – the best solutions intelligently integrated on the highest quality infrastructure. For more information call 702.444.4000 or visit http://www.switchnap.com.


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