At DEMO Fall 2010, IQ Engines Announces Its Image Recognition Service

September 14, 2010

BERKELEY, Calif., Sept. 14 /PRNewswire/ — IQ Engines, Inc. today announced the general availability of its image recognition service with an application programming interface (API) that any developer can use to add visual search to their application. The company will be showcasing the service and its broad uses this week at DEMO Fall 2010. The IQ Engines image recognition API is available at the company’s developer portal at http://developer.iqengines.com and has received enthusiastic reviews from software developers. “Visual search will find itself into a large percentage of future mobile applications,” says Paul Thorsteinson, Partner at application developer Robots and Pencils. “We found the IQ Engines image recognition API to be elegant and easy to use when adding visual search into our Cookbookie iPhone application.”

Gerry Pesavento, IQ Engines co-founder and CEO, describes what makes IQ Engines unique, saying, “IQ Engines has built an extraordinary computer vision system that allows our service to recognize millions of images instantly. But if it runs across something it has never seen before, we don’t want to leave you hanging like every other image recognition system does, so we’ve built an innovative crowdsourcing engine that allows humans to identify images in near real time.”

IQ Engines is also demonstrating the world’s first image recognition service with real-time learning capabilities. “When crowdsourcing helps our system to recognize an image,” elaborates Mr. Pesavento, “it automatically trains the service so that the next time we receive a similar search, computer vision is able to take care of the matching. This way, with every image it sees, the service gets smarter and faster.” A demonstration of the real-time learning engine in action can be found on the IQ Engines blog at http://www.iqengines.com/blog/.

IQ Engines also offers oMoby, a free mobile application for the iPhone that demonstrates the capabilities of visual search powered by the image recognition service.

Retailers, handset manufacturers, wireless carriers, and software developers interested in adding visual intelligence to their applications can learn more about the IQ Engines image recognition service and sign up for access at http://developer.iqengines.com.

Supporting Links

Real-time learning demonstration: http://www.iqengines.com/blog

Screenshots: http://omoby.com/pages/screenshots.php

Download for iPhone: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/omoby/id353867169

Twitter: @IQEngines

About IQ Engines

IQ Engines powers visual search applications for our customers through our platform-independent image recognition service. Unmatched in its use of a unique combination of computer vision and crowdsourcing, the company’s service is able to recognize and describe virtually any image, and it learns from experience, getting smarter with every search. Founded as a collaboration of computational neuroscientists at UC Berkeley and UC Davis, the IQ Engines team possesses unparalleled expertise in image recognition. The company’s goal is to bring visual intelligence to every camera in the world. IQ Engines is based in Berkeley, California.

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