Gadget Gods Get Knickers in a Twist 100 Years on – Men and Washing Machine Can Work in Harmony says Currys

September 15, 2010

LONDON, Sept. 15 /PRNewswire/ — After undertaking consumer research amongst 3,000 respondents to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the washing machine, Currys is now in talks to develop the first ever washing machine designed exclusively for men. The research found that while many domestic tasks are equally split between men and women, when it comes to the washing machine – originally hailed as the device that would give women domestic freedom – nearly 90 per cent of all the women surveyed are still taking responsibility for washing clothes.

Men, despite often considering themselves ‘Gadget Gods’ when it comes to other forms of technology, claim that the washing machine is simply too complicated for them to master. One in five (20 per cent) of the men questioned, said that washing machines are simply too complicated, and 80 per cent admitted that if the technology were simpler they would happily wash their own clothes.

When asked what kind of features a simpler washing machine would require, 80 per cent of the men questioned said clearer instructions and symbols such as ‘underwear’ or ‘remove stains’ rather than the traditional temperature & spin cycle settings would be the most useful. Lara Brittain Category Manager at Currys comments:

“In response to the research findings, we are considering whether it will be possible to create a ‘man-friendly’ machine, which will include options like ‘wash to remove curry stains’ or ‘lipstick on the collar’ - to try and simplify the process, as we think there could be a big market for this and take the pressure off women after all these years.”

The retailer also believes that a washing machine designed specially for men would also put an end to the ‘reversible pants’ strategy used by half of males (49 per cent of men questioned admitted to having turned their pants inside out rather than wash them!). The research also revealed that women are afraid of letting their partners use the washing machine, mostly because they think they will get it wrong. When questioned only one woman in ten (11 per cent) trusts their bloke to wash their clothes. It would appear that women are right to be concerned; nearly half of all the men surveyed stated they are worried about ruining clothes when washing them because they don’t understand what the different programmes mean, and 68 per cent of those questioned admitted to shrinking or dyeing their clothes.

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