September 16, 2010

Halo:Reach Reaches $200 Million In Launch Day Sales

Microsoft said this week that its newest prequel to its popular "Halo" series racked up $200 million in global sales on launch day.

Phil Spencer, vice president of Microsoft Game Studios, said that "Halo: Reach" would help bring about more Xbox 360 console sales for the world's biggest software maker.

"We feel really good about where the 'Halo: Reach' numbers are," he told Reuters on the sidelines of the Tokyo Game Show, adding that the number of gamers who played "Reach" on Xbox Live, its online system, had topped that of "Halo 3," the previous title in the series, without providing figures.

"What 'Halo: Reach' numbers tell me is gamers are there. They are willing to buy the great experiences when they come out. In fact, that we are exceeding 'Halo 3' numbers out of the gate tells me that the industry is in a healthy state."

He said that the $200 million figure made the videogame the biggest launch of any game or movie this year.

The "Halo" franchise has sold over 34 million copies during its nine-year history, boosting the popularity of Microsoft's Xbox console.

The series has raised nearly $2 billion in sales during its lifetime.  Videogame maker Bungie makes the game series.

Microsoft will start to sell its "Kinect" motion-sensing game system on November 4, just in time for the holiday shopping season.


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