11Ants Model Builder Transforms Excel Into Breakthrough Predictive Analytics Tool

September 21, 2010

HAMILTON, New Zealand, September 21, 2010 /PRNewswire/ — 11Ants
Analytics, a company committed to making data mining technology accessible to
non-technical users, today launched the 11Ants Model Builder a powerful yet
simple to use Microsoft Excel Add-in which allows anyone who can use Excel to
mine data for informational and commercial advantage.

11Ants Model Builder gives users access to a range of advanced analytical
tools and features, in an easy to use navigation which allows even
non-technical users to rapidly extract patterns from data and build
predictive models. The software emulates the best practices of a data mining
expert and does the complex work for users – effectively a data mining

“People in business, science and government who previously would have
never considered analysing and modelling data can use 11 Ants Model Builder
to gain insight, and make predictions and better decisions,” says Tom Fuyala,
Director, Business Development, 11Ants Analytics. “We’ve eliminated the
intimidation most non-technical people experience when attempting data mining
by integrating 11 Ants Model Builder into the familiar Excel environment
which also provides a seamless workflow environment.”

The simplicity of the 11Ants Model Builder is due to its breakthrough
proprietary HyperLearn technology, the result of over three years of
development by 11Ants Analytics, and inspired by machine learning research at
New Zealand’s University of Waikato – home of one of the most respected data
mining and machine learning groups in the world.

11Ants Model Builder features an impressive library of 11 machine
learning algorithms including decision tree (similar to CART), Gaussian
processes, logistic regression, logit boost, model tree, naive Bayes, nearest
neighbour, partial least squares (PLS), random forest, Ridge regression, and
support vector machine. The software also features automated algorithm
selection, automated parameter tuning, automated reporting and a simple
4-step work flow – prepare, analyze, predict, report.

“11Ants Model Builder can be used to mine data in a wide range of
settings from science and engineering, to government, to sports and
education. Fields as diverse as bioinformatics, genetics, insurance, retail,
and telecommunications share a common need to understand patterns in data,”
says Mr Fuyala. “Notable pre-release clients include a major international
accounting and consulting firm, data mining company, health insurer,
specialist manufacturer, and government departments.

Applications include customer management and marketing, operations
management, performance monitoring, corporate risk profiling, surveillance,
fraud detection, human resourcing, science and medicine research, political
campaigning, police and government service planning, sports data analysis,
equipment performance monitoring, and manufacturing optimisation.

The US launch for 11Ants Model Builder will be held at Predictive
Analytics World in Washington DC on 19-20 October.

A free 14 day trial can be downloaded from http://www.11antsanalytics.com


11Ants Analytics is committed to making advanced data mining accessible
to non-technical users. The simplicity and power of 11Ants Model Builder
software is due to its breakthrough proprietary HyperLearn technology. 11Ants
Analytics Ltd, based in New Zealand, is venture backed by Endeavour Capital,
The New Zealand Venture Investment Fund and WaikatoLink, the
commercialization company of the University of Waikato. For more information,
visit http://www.11antsanalytics.com


    Tom Fuyala, Director, Business Development

    Shine Group
    Sandra Lukey

SOURCE 11Ants Analytics

Source: newswire

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