Beth Holloway Announces Mayday360

September 29, 2010

NEW YORK, Sept. 29 /PRNewswire/ — Travel safety educator Beth Holloway today announced the launch of Mayday360, the first inexpensive travel and safety assistance service for Americans traveling abroad. Mayday360 has a global team of high level safety and travel experts from Investigative Management Group, a leader in corporate and individual security, on call 24/7 to help travelers and their families navigate the maze of international law and local security issues in case of emergency.

Holloway, whose daughter Natalee went missing in Aruba five years ago, has firsthand experience dealing with an international emergency. “Your initial instinct is how to physically get to that destination,” Holloway said. “You reach for the phone to dial 911, but that can’t help you. What you need to do is reach local law enforcement, but you don’t know who and how? Mayday360 is the fast, practical answer.”

“In the critical few days after Natalee went missing, I needed immediate access to people with influence and experience to ensure that everything that could be done was happening quickly,” said Holloway. “Tragically, I didn’t have the help I needed. That’s why I co-founded Mayday 360.”

For a yearly fee starting at $99, Mayday360 members will receive an international collect call number to connect to a security professional who can offer support, advice and information. Members will also have access to a secure travel document and data storage service to enable quick replacement of lost or stolen documents, and they will receive customized travel advisories and safety information. Membership also includes a customized iPhone application that members can use to send their global location and emergency contact information to Mayday 360 and to reach the Emergency Helpline. When needed, for additional fees, personnel from Mayday360′s global network of 500 security experts can be deployed anywhere in the world to provide on-the-ground assistance.

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