OpenTech Systems Raises the Bar for Tape Migration Products

September 30, 2010

DALLAS, Sept. 30 /PRNewswire/ — OpenTech Systems, Inc., the leading provider of tape copying, migration and disaster recovery solutions for IBM z/OS centric data centers announced a major release of its flagship Tape/Copy VDR product. The new release is version 2.7.3 and includes the following new features:

  • OAM support has been added to migrate binary Objects
  • Automatically add new datasets to underutilized tapes to maximize usage of tape media
  • Intelligent copying of input volume sets to multiple output volumes optionally prevents the creation of underutilized high density multi-volume stacked tapes
  • Tape Browse allows the user to search the contents of a tape dataset and view the tape label online
  • Partial Dataset Recovery allows users to attempt the recovery of a dataset that has been overwritten and recover all datasets after the overwritten dataset
  • Tape Compare is used to compare datasets or entire volume sets
  • Tape Utilities provides functionality to erase, map and verify tapes

Several significant enhancements have been added in addition to the new features. A few examples include: support for FDR/ABR full volume and incremental backups has been added to the previously supported Archive and Application backups; support for all major Tape Management Systems has been updated to their current release levels; support for HSM ML2 datasets has been enhanced and support for z/OS 1.12 has been added.

“Many of the new features, in particular the Tape Utilities, were included in response to customer demand,” according to Terry Siegrist, VP of Sales for OpenTech Systems. Siegrist explained that, “many of our customers wanted a single product that offered all of Tape/Copy’s features plus additional functionality now included in the Tape Utilities. As a result, our customers are able to reduce costs by eliminating unnecessary license fees and perform all their tape utility functions with one comprehensive product.”

Siegrist pointed out that, “Users of OpenTech Systems’ Virtual Data Recovery (VDR) [an extension of Tape/Copy which makes backup copies of virtual tape datasets and recovers them in-place, to DASD or any other virtual or physical tape device] will automatically benefit from the new release as Tape/Copy is included with VDR.” Siegrist also said, “OpenTech Systems’ migration services clients will benefit indirectly from the additional features and enhancements as OpenTech Systems’ Migration Service engineers use Tape/Copy VDR to migrate client tape datasets quickly, and safely while preserving all dataset metafile information.”

About Tape/Copy VDR

Tape/Copy VDR is a highly developed, automated system for tape data migrations, workload relocations and virtual tape upgrades. Tape/Copy VDR supports all commercially available Tape Management System Catalog (TMC) and interfaces with VTLs and ATLs from all major tape storage vendors. The comprehensive ISPF panels allow the user to define selection criteria and output tape characteristics to build jobs that copy or move tape data automatically. Tape/Copy VDR’s robust dataset selection criteria, extensive reporting, and error recovery features make Tape/Copy VDR the preferred choice of professional services providers world-wide.

About OpenTech Systems, Inc.

OpenTech Systems Inc. is a private software company founded in 1994 and is a leading provider of z/OS software for tape data migration, data center consolidation/relocation and disaster recovery.

For more information please visit http://www.opentechsystems.com or contact info@opentechsystems.com.

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    Terry Siegrist
    OpenTech Systems, Inc.

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