St. Tammany’s Parish School Board Puts Its Trust in iBoss Web Filtering Solution

October 5, 2010

SAN DIEGO, Oct. 5 /PRNewswire/ — When the school board of St. Tammany Parish in Louisiana set out to protect its children from the countless dangers lurking on the Internet, it did not take the task lightly. Working with the interests of more than 35,000 students at heart, the school board scrutinized 15 web filter solutions during an extensive 90-day evaluation. iBoss Enterprise (http://www.ibosswebfilters.com/enterprise.html), a San Diego-based company that provides proven, state-of-the-art Internet content web-filtering products and services, emerged as the top choice from the St. Tammany Parish school board’s RFP. Leveraging its expertise in helping other school districts, iBoss Enterprise Web Filter will protect students from online dangers while meeting CIPA compliance.

“The school board of St. Tammany’s Parish sought a solution to handle the demands of its fiber networks while providing detailed insight on network activity,” says Pete Marin, who is the product manager for iBoss Web Filters, a division of Phantom Technologies, Inc. “iBoss Enterprise’s stream-based filtering provides the performance needed without sacrificing granularity or reporting. With many networks moving to fiber connections, the older proxy or page content analysis filters can’t handle these demands. iBoss Enterprise filters are carefully designed to manage this issue, and it’s an honor to help St. Tammany’s Parish in this way.”

During the 90-day evaluation period, St. Tammany Parish school board installed and tested iBoss Enterprise against a live network of its 35,000+ students. Specifically, the board examined:

  • Latency issues
  • Accuracy of login by user name
  • Detail, depth and duration of reporting
  • Accuracy of filtration
  • Features
  • Ability to filter mobile users (i.e., laptops)
  • Stability

With a 500 Mbps link to the Internet, the school district required a web filter that could sustain this connection without adding latency. iBoss Enterprise met expectations for sustaining performance while providing specifics on who/what was being filtered, as well as detailed Internet-activity logs.

“Within the web-filtering solution marketplace, there’s often a tradeoff in services provided, meaning most web filters cannot deliver such a comprehensive menu of benefits and features,” Marin says. “iBoss Enterprise is designed to address all the common and even not-so-obvious concerns, so we exceed client expectations — the reason why school districts such as St. Tammany’s Parish trust our solution with its dollars and its students.”

iBoss Web Filters provide HTTP/S, Application and Web 2.0 security hardware designed for organizations demanding performance. Incorporating bidirectional stream-based, layer-7 filtering, zero-day hybrid cloud database, and detailed drill-down reporting, iBoss Filters provide network administrators solutions to keep up with today’s fiber networks. With no per-seat licensing or throughput restrictions, iBoss Web Filters offer comprehensive performance and value.

iBoss Enterprise can be purchased directly from Phantom Technologies at http://www.ibosswebfilters.com or from one of its partners. For more information, contact Marisa Salzman, Director of Marketing, at 877-742-6832, x 7807, or Marisa.salzman@ibosswebfilters.com.

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