October 5, 2010

Apple Asks Court To Reconsider Patent Decision

Apple is asking a court to reconsider a decision that would cost the company over $600 million in damages.

A U.S. jury found in favor of Mirror Worlds in a patent wrangle over technology to display documents on computer screens.

Mirror Worlds claims that Apple infringed on four patents.

The jury awarded the company $208.5 million in damages for each of the three it found Apple infringed on.

Apple is asking for a delay to the judge's final decision, saying that there were unresolved issues with two of the three remaining patents in the case.  If the court agrees, damages will be reduced to $208.5 million.

However, if the judge decides three patents have been infringed, then the damages would amount to $652.2 million and would be the largest in U.S. legal history.

The Bloomberg news agency reported that Apple said in its closing arguments that there were grounds for believing the patents were not valid and therefore had been infringed.

It also said that the patents had been sold and any damages awarded should reflect that market value.   The patent package is believed to have been sold for $5 million.

The patents involve three Apple technology products; Spotlight, Time Machine and Cover Flow.  Two of the patents cover ways to display similar documents in a pile.

Apple and Mirror Worlds have been asked to submit documents to the court concerning the damages ruling.

Mirror World founder David Gelertner said after the verdict that he was "tremendously grateful" to his lawyers.


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