National Direct Selling Business Opportunity Scheduled to Launch October 6

October 5, 2010

SALT LAKE CITY, Oct. 5 /PRNewswire/ — Waterford Institute(TM), a Utah-based nonprofit research center that has invested more than $135 million in its software and programs, introduces a new direct selling business opportunity–Waterford Learning At Home(TM) (waterfordlearning.com).

Waterford Learning At Home’s initial focus is to build a dynamic sales team throughout the U.S. Its consultants will enjoy a rewarding compensation plan, flexible working hours, and no territories. A distinctive feature separating Waterford Learning At Home from others in industry is its optional free shipping for customers. Currently Waterford Learning At Home has five corporate representatives based in Salt Lake City, UT; San Diego, CA; Houston, TX; Asheville, NC; and Hartford, CT.

“This is an exciting time to see the growing impact this business has on Consultants who experience the empowerment and success of owning their own business,” said Laurie Langill, VP of Sales for Waterford Learning At Home. Having over 30 years experience in the direct selling industry, Langill commented that Waterford Learning at Home is unique in the industry because of the type of products it offers and the impact they will make on children and families.

President and COO of Waterford Institute and Waterford Learning At Home, Benjamin Heuston, said, “Waterford Institute’s mission is to provide every child the finest education through the development of high-quality educational models, programs, and software. Through Waterford Learning At Home children can now experience the same personalized educational products that were previously only offered to schools.”

Waterford Learning At Home’s highlight product is its software program Rusty and Rosy Reading(TM)–a reading program designed to individualize learning for children preschool through second grade. Waterford Learning At Home also offers a variety of educational DVDs and books.

For more information on Waterford Learning At Home, its business opportunity, and its products, visit waterfordlearning.com.

For more information on Waterford Institute, visit www.waterford.org.

About Waterford Learning At Home

Waterford Learning At Home(TM) (waterfordlearning.com) is dedicated to enriching lives by providing a unique and rewarding home-based business opportunity selling the highest quality children’s learning programs that engage, delight, and empower. As a new division of Waterford Institute(TM), Inc., Waterford Learning At Home offers a rewarding career, complete with exceptional programs, training, and support, as well as a competitive compensation plan. Waterford Learning At Home provides an individualized educational experience for children in the home, where its products will have a great impact on each child’s future.

About Rusty and Rosy Reading

Rusty and Rosy Reading(TM) is an award-winning, research-based curriculum created by Waterford Institute(TM), Inc. that brings educational excellence to the home for children ages four to eight. Children delight in the fun activities, memorable music, engaging graphics and video, as well as the diverse characters that teach them fundamental reading skills from ABCs to vocabulary to reading comprehension and more. In as little as 15 minutes a day, children can build a solid reading foundation that will motivate and empower them to reach their fullest learning potential. And the more children use Rusty and Rosy Reading program, the more they learn.

Waterford Institute and Waterford Learning At Home are headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.

SOURCE Waterford Institute

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