October 6, 2010

Qualcomm Suspending Sales Of Flo TV

U.S. technology company Qualcomm said Tuesday it was going to suspend sales of its Flo TV "personal television" sets as it looks into the future of mobile TV service.

"We have been examining strategic opportunities for Flo TV," Qualcomm said in a statement. "While this process continues, we are suspending our direct to consumer sales of new devices."

Flo TV provides live television through a mobile device, but Qualcomm said the service is in discussions about selling its network and spectrum.

"We are seeing strong interest in using the FLO TV network or spectrum to capitalize on the growing imbalance between mobile data supply and demand," the statement said.

Qualcomm said it would continue delivering Flo TV programming to subscribers until the spring of 2011 and that existing Flo TV services purchased through Verizon and AT&T was not affected by the decision to stop selling the devices.

"In the event of a discontinuance of service, FLO TV will make appropriate refunds," the company said.

Qualcomm said the decision to stop consumer sales of Flo TV devices would result in unspecified layoffs.

Flo TV users can watch live programs from ABC, ESPN, MSNB, CNBC, Fox News, CNN and other networks.  Flo TV has been tested in the U.S., Britain, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia and Taiwan.


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