Vital $8 Billion ‘Green’ Breakthrough Made in the Highly Toxic U.S. Metal Coatings Industry

October 20, 2010

CTC-Cobare has successfully developed the most significant green breakthrough in the metal coatings and finishing industry. Called SC-49 and has been extensively tested and passed industry standard corrosion resistance and paintability standards for aluminum, steel, zinc and more. CTC-Cobare currently is reaching out for a strategic industry partner to compete for $8+ billion in global sales yearly.

Albuquerque, NM (PRWEB) October 19, 2010

CTC-Cobare has successfully developed the most significant green breakthrough for the otherwise highly toxic metal coatings and finishing industry. CTC-Cobare announces “We have done It! We have actually done it!” proclaims Daniel Young owner of CTC-Cobare. The days of the dangerous, toxic heavy metals-based protective metal coating and finishes are over.

The newly developed, environmentally-safe metal coating process is called SC-49. SC-49 has been extensively tested and proven itself capable of being the next generation durable, protective metal finish for aerospace, automotive, military, construction, decorative and other markets worldwide. The metals impacted include aluminum, steel, zinc, copper and more. The versatility of SC-49 is unmatched because a single processing system can treat a wide range of metals.

The SC-49 process is similar to existing tri or hexavalent chromate processing systems because it is a conversion type coating providing superior corrosion resistance and paintability. However, the similarity ends there because SC-49 does not use hazardous chemicals. The finished product is as harmless and inert as “¦ dirt. We hope the metal coating industry, government agencies and environmental groups are hearing, loud and clear, what we are saying “The SC-49 process is the most significant green breakthrough for a notoriously toxic industry – ever in its history.”

The new SC-49 metal coating process has successfully passed multiple rounds of the industry-standard tests for corrosion resistance known as the 168 and 336 hr salt spray test or ASTM-B117. In addition to superior corrosion resistance, the SC-49 coating provides outstanding paint adhesion according to MIL-C-5541E. “Once the paint is on “¦ it just doesn’t come off” explains Daniel.

Just 1% of the US metal finishing market impacted by SC-49 represents sales of $60-100 million per year. Yearly 1% of worldwide sales could reach as high as $250 million. Since the financial and environmental impact of this announcement is so significant, CTC-Cobare is reaching a very hopeful hand out to the worldwide metal coating industry. They are looking for an existing coatings/finishing leader with which to form a strategic partnership. According to Daniel Young “We have proven our discovery but we lack the global reach and resources necessary to make an impact worthy of this discovery “¦ we cannot do it alone, we need help!”


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