November 1, 2010

British iPhone 4 Users Late For Work Due To Glitch

iPhone 4 users in Britain said they were late for work on Monday after the device's alarm failed to adjust when the country's clocks changed.

Angry comments plastered the walls of microblogging site Twitter about the glitch, which happened even though the rest of the phone's features updated the time automatically.

"Well done Apple -- you've made me decide I need to use a proper alarm clock rather than relying on my iPhone," one user tweeted.

"Stupid iPhone alarm clock went off an hour late. What a great start to the week," said another.

Britain slowed its clock by an hour on Sunday from British Summer Time to Greenwich Mean Time.

After Australian users had a similar problem last month, Apple said that a software patch was being developed.  Australians saw their alarms go off an hour early though because the country was switching to daylight saving time.

The flaw in Britain could have been avoided by using one-off alarms instead of pre-set daily wake-up calls.

Apple has said the iPhone 4 was its most successful product launch ever, with over three million sold in the first three weeks after its debut.

Apple said last week that it sold 14.1 million iPhones during the latest quarter.


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