APR Energy Continues to Provide Power to Tornado-Stricken Argentine Town

November 2, 2010

APR Energy’s temporary power projects which have been located in Sáenz Peña and Formosa, Argentina since 2008, are currently being run at an increased capacity to provide emergency power in reaction to the tornado that caused severe damage to the province of Formosa, Thursday, October 21.

Buenos Aires, Argentina (PRWEB) November 1, 2010

Nearly 800 buildings were destroyed and over 700 families left homeless in the wake of the massive tornado and associated storm that hit the province of Formosa, Argentina this Thursday, October 21. Accompanied by rain, hail and extreme winds, the tornado touched down in the town of Pozo del Tigre and created havoc for approximately 15 minutes before dissolving. The storm also knocked down many power line poles, causing severe blackouts within the area and leaving many without phone service.

Since the tornado hit the small town of only 10,000 residents, APR Energy’s (APR) Formosa and Sáenz Peña power plants have been available to run for 24 hours a day as requested by Energía Argentina Sociedad Anónima (ENARSA), the national electrical utility of Argentina to provide emergency power to the area. “Having distributed generation in local communities such as the APR power plants in Sáenz Peña and Formosa can greatly benefit the area during outages such as this. Being connected to a locally- run power supply has allowed many homes to remain with power when regional power lines were knocked down.” said Dagan Baroco, Business Development Manager for APR Energy. “Currently both APR power plants are running at an increased load to meet the emergency need for energyand will remain doing so until the regional power grid can be fully restored.”

To date, approximately 116 people have been injured and at least 4 people have been found dead due to the tornado. Those whose homes have been damaged are currently being housed in local schools, churches and community parks until repairs can be made. Many areas in the province of Formosa are still under water from the immense flooding that preceded the tornado. In addition to APR Energy’s business of continuing to supply electricity to the area, APR aid workers have already begun speaking with local officials in Formosa regarding how they can further assist those affected by this catastrophe.

APR Energy has been in Formosa, Argentina since 2008, providing distributed generationpower to help avoid power shortages during peak seasons. Formosa, Argentina is located approximately 1200 kilometers north of Buenos Aries, near the border of Paraguay.

About APR Energy

APR specializes in the sale of reliable and efficient electricity through the rapid deployment of Customized Turnkey Power Solutions. With its headquarters located in Jacksonville, Florida, USA, APR Energy has installed, operated and maintained temporary power projects all over the globe. APR’s power generation solutions coupled with comprehensive operation and maintenance services and flexible commercial terms have established APR as a leader in the emergency rental power industry.

About Distributed Generation

Distributed generation is a concept adopted in a transmission constrained situation, whereby the delivery of electricity to a city or region is restricted by the accessibility of adequate or efficient transmission lines. In this case, APR rapidly deploys a solution to the location and injects the necessary energy into the grid system either directly into the MV distribution network or the HV main grid. This type of project provides a very efficient and secure method of delivering additional electricity at a local level and can also help improve the overall efficiency of the customer’s electrical system.

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