Orb Audio Debuts New ‘Hammered Earth’ Orb Premium Speakers with Warm Earth Tone

November 2, 2010

NEW YORK, Nov. 2, 2010 /PRNewswire/ — Orb Audio, the leader in U.S. made high-end speakers, today launched its new “Hammered Earth” premium speaker finish. As the newest addition to Orb’s customization choices, “Hammered Earth” joins existing unique finishes like Antique Copper, Antique Bronze and Hand Polished Steel. By adding this new, warm earth tone, Orb speakers will complement an even wider range of decor choices.

Sporting a high-end, luxurious texture, each new Hammered Earth Orb speaker evokes beauty in both appearance and performance. Each speaker measures only 4 3/16 inches in diameter, yet has the output of a much larger speaker, due to a variety of design technologies.

The heart of the Orb speaker system is the spherical Mod1 satellite speaker that produces the biggest, fullest sound from the smallest possible package. Made in the USA from high carbon steel, each Orb speaker features advanced technologies including rare earth magnets, custom voice coils and high performance Santoprene speaker surrounds. The addition of the richly colored and textured “Hammered Earth” speaker finish ensures the speakers will look as good as they sound.

The new color follows Orb Audio’s tradition for excellence in hand-crafted, artistic finishes. The original Metallic Black Gloss and Pearl White Gloss are both luxurious, premium baked-on powder coatings that rival the finish quality of the most upscale automobile. The Metallum(TM) Series consists of three handmade metallic finishes, created by California artisans in very small batches: Hand-Polished Steel, Hand-Antiqued Copper and Hand-Antiqued Bronze. These finishes achieve a level of detail and beauty more commonly found in sculptures than in audio equipment, so consumers can fill their room with sound, not big, unattractive speaker boxes.

Orb Audio’s Mod1 satellite speakers are available in Hammered Earth finish from $269 per pair, and $873 for a 5.1 surround system with 5 speakers and Orb’s custom Super Eight subwoofer. More information about Orb Audio products, pricing and purchasing can be found at www.orbaudio.com, and at 877-ORB-AUDIO (877-672-2834).

About Orb Audio

Orb Audio is committed to being unique. From the beginning in 2002, it has been our intention to deliver speaker systems with the finest quality components, an attractive, upscale design and an affordable price. The only way to accomplish these things was to be different from the other players in the industry, and to sell our speakers direct to our clients. This avoids substantial markups in excess of 100%, and allows us to make most of our products in the USA. We do not have to take mass market considerations into our design, and our team of highly skilled craftspeople and artisans can focus on quality over quantity, and performance over marketing.

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