OpTier Gives Free Analysis of Web Application Performance to Help Businesses Deliver a Jolly Holiday Shopping Season

November 5, 2010

NEW YORK and LONDON, Nov. 5, 2010 /PRNewswire/ — OpTier today announced that it is offering businesses a free analysis of their web application performance using their best-of-breed end-user experience management solution, OpTier Experience Manager.

Poor end-user experience can lead to a loss of sales, impact brand experience and reduce productivity. For online retailers who are gearing up for their busiest period of the year, poor performance represents a potential significant dent on their Christmas haul as it can result in customers deserting their site.

Given that many online retail shops are in ‘lock down’ periods to minimize the impact of any changes before the holiday rush, OpTier is inviting organizations to get a free analysis of their web application performance using a non-intrusive approach. All businesses need to do is upload a traffic file of user activity on their system and an OpTier end-user experience management expert will undertake an analysis of the traffic using the OpTier product, at no cost.

The results of the analysis will be presented at a convenient time over a 30 minute Webex session. The expert will be available to help the business understand how their application performance is behaving, what issues are experienced and by how many users, where the users are located and what the current levels of service are, all to give businesses a free baseline of application performance.

The analysis is done by the OpTier Experience Manager solution which provides customers with an immediate baseline of their application performance, ongoing application monitoring and measurement of performance from the end-users perspective, analysis of rich end-user data to quantify business and end-user impact, and ultimately improve the quality of service delivered. The solution isolates problems quickly in order to deliver quality end-user experience by minimizing the impact of IT problems on end-users and customers. Furthermore, Experience Manager helps businesses understand how changes in IT or the business may have affected the end-users and the applications. With the rich business-relevant information delivered, Experience Manager enhances the communication and alignment between IT and the business.

“End-user experience impacts businesses at all levels. Better understanding of how this can be proactively improved allows organizations to be more flexible and dynamic. If you don’t know what you’re dealing with, how can you solve it?” said Ronit Belson, senior vice president of targeted products for OpTier. “Many businesses will be surprised by the results of the free analysis – customers often are when we take them through what we uncovered!”

OpTier Experience Manager is available as a stand alone product or a fully-integrated solution within the OpTier Business Transaction Management (BTM) suite. For a free analysis of application performance, business and IT managers can visit http://go.optier.com/pCap.html.

About OpTier

Of the billions of business transactions conducted every second, more are assured by OpTier than by any other IT management software company.

OpTier’s Business Transaction Management solution (OpTier BTM(TM)) enables business application owners to take control over service performance and availability. OpTier BTM assures the quick and successful execution of all business transactions, by managing every step of every transaction. It delivers unparalleled visibility of all business transactions in order to eliminate outages, effectively manage change and improve end-user experience. OpTier, with a fast-growing list of Global 2000 customers, pioneered the concept that transactions are where IT and business meet.

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