Announcing QuickTreX®, a New Manufacturer of Datacom Products

November 7, 2010

The founder of QuickTreX®, a new datacom product manufacturer, is optimistic about launching the new brand despite the slow economy.

Clark, NJ (Vocus) November 5, 2010

Despite the “worst recession since the Depression”, data-communications industry veteran Tony Casazza has launched QuickTreX®, a datacom product manufacturer. Offering high quality datacom products – such as copper cabling hardware, fiber optic cable assemblies, tools and testers ““ QuickTreX caters to the low-voltage cabling industry for use in premise networks, security, and electrical applications.

Currently the QuickTreX brand consists of the following four product categories, but Casazza says more will be added in the coming year.

1. Premise Copper Cabling Hardware such as Category-X Plugs, Jacks, Patch Panels, etc.

2. FiberWhips̢Ң, which are pre-terminated fiber optic cable assemblies that can be custom ordered and installed by customers with limited fiber optic termination knowledge.

3. Tools and testers for terminating, testing, and installing network cabling.

4. Toolkits that are very well suited for experienced professional technicians.

The QuickTreX brand objective is to design high quality products for technicians to accomplish their goals with speed, accuracy and agility.

Though launched this year, the idea for the QuickTreX brand has been in the works for many years, originating from the daily experience of e-commerce pioneer Tony Casazza. Before founding QuickTreX, for more than a decade Casazza has operated http://www.LANshack.com, a successful online datacom supply store that offers cabling, connectivity and network components, after years of field work as an electrician and structured cabling installer. LANshack.com is still in full operation and carries the QuickTreX product line, but QuickTreX will be sold through other dealers as well.

“In the online store we have faced the product limitations set by various manufacturers and always knew that we could do much better in many different ways,” states Casazza. “Our main focus at QuickTreX is the value of our products.” Listening to the needs of his customers, both as an installer and a supplier, has given Cassaza a unique perspective to keep in tune with the needs of the people who use the products. The company has conducted extensive research, development, and testing while improving existing products and developing new innovative products.

Despite the current economic downturn, Cassaza is optimistic about starting this venture now. “Some Industry naysayers had been predicting the end of structured cabling due to the introduction of wireless technologies. In fact, these days we are actually seeing more opportunity for structured cabling due to the need for infrastructure for new technologies, including wireless,” comments Cassaza. “A campus Wi-Fi system must be inter-connected by a network of fiber optic cabling to assure full speed and bandwidth for all hot-spots. Other technologies increasing the need for structured cabling include gigabit and ten gigabit Ethernet (the need for speed), colocation, video over twisted pair, network security systems, and power over Ethernet (POE), just to name a few.”

“We have made many great contacts, acquiring a vast amount of knowledge of our industry,” continues Cassaza, “and we’ve identified entities around the globe whose quality and R&D are above the rest and who are willing to work with us in developing new products. So we partnered with these companies, shared ideas, and undertook the research and development of the products. QuickTreX tools have been honed to achieve perfection and are thoroughly designed, engineered and tested by experts under real-world conditions.”

“At QuickTreX, we have a strong passion for our tools and a great admiration for the people who use them. We believe that the professionals who choose our datacom products take great pride in their workmanship and therefore deserve nothing but the very best,” says Cassaza. Subscribe to the e-newsletter “Be In the Know” to get notices of new product announcements, monthly specials, tech tips, articles, and more. To obtain additional information on QuickTreX products or for inquiries about becoming a QuickTreX dealer, call 800-642-8320 or visit the website at http://www.quicktrex.com.

About QuickTrex

QuickTreX® is a manufacturer of high quality datacom products – such as copper cabling hardware, fiber optic cable assemblies, tools and testers – catering to the low voltage cabling industry for use in premise networks, security, and electrical applications. QuickTreX was founded to fill a need for products that are in tune with the technicians who use them. The QuickTrex R&D team is continually researching, staying ahead of developing trends in the market place, in order to offer quality innovative products. To obtain additional information, call 800-642-8320, or visit the website at http://www.quicktrex.com.


Tony Casazza, President




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