OpTier Offers First Business-Centric Performance Management Solution for the Cloud

November 9, 2010

NEW YORK, Nov. 9, 2010 /PRNewswire/ — OpTier, the leader in Business Transaction Management(TM) (BTM) for the enterprise, today announced a limited field trial of CloudFirst, a business-centric application performance management solution for enterprise customers adopting cloud computing solutions. OpTier CloudFirst enables enterprises to successfully realize their on or off premise cloud strategies including planning, migrating, operating and optimizing the cloud application performance by monitoring all business transactions, all the time, across cloud environments. A number of innovative organizations have already gained visibility and control in their private cloud and shared environments using the technology behind CloudFirst.

Today, IT organizations are faced with the increasing challenge to deliver faster, better and cheaper service to the business. With the proliferation of cloud offerings, IT and businesses now have a choice in where they put their applications. Yet with that choice often comes technical risk, as well as unforeseen organizational and psychological challenges. For example, some application owners may be concerned with the limited control or visibility they get to their application if it is centralized in a shared service or hosted offsite. OpTier’s CloudFirst dynamic real-time transaction discovery addresses the challenge head on, providing a real-time topological view of all business transactions across all virtual and physical tiers inside the datacenter and in the cloud, enabling both the view and control desired. In an environment where the infrastructure layer is completely abstracted, and resources are shared among multiple tenants, CloudFirst provides the crucial, direct link between the end-user experience and the underlying infrastructure.

Leading organizations are already using OpTier’s technology to gain visibility and control for their cloud and shared service initiatives. For example, a large organization with a hybrid cloud deployment uses OpTier to get visibility into the full transaction path in a hybrid cloud that includes Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), and automatically follows the transaction even as tiers get moved into the EC2 environment.

Customers are also using OpTier’s CloudFirst to:

  • See which services and applications or their subcomponents are most suitable for migration to cloud.
  • Compare the performance of services before and after migration to the cloud and achieve optimized results.
  • See the performance of applications and when extra capacity is needed, as in a cloudbursting situation.
  • Proactively identify the sources of potential performance issues in the cloud before they impact services and users.
  • Easily instrument cloud infrastructure to provide real-time visibility of end-to-end transaction flows both in and out of the cloud.

“Every action in the cloud is a transaction that needs to be managed. On the one hand providing visibility into the transactions that services are composed of becomes more difficult in the cloud, but it is exactly this transparency that becomes essential if you are going to effectively deploy your services into such dynamic environments that are outside enterprise control. Therefore, being able to tightly map services to infrastructure using transactions as the ‘binding agent’ is a key requirement in the cloud,” said William Fellows, Principal Analyst, The 451 Group. “OpTier is in position to address the need for this essential transparency, based on its rich experience with internal cloud solutions.”

There are many cloud management solutions that emphasize the management of the infrastructure verses focusing on the impact of the end-to-end cross application view in these dynamic environments. CloudFirst is unique in its ability to provide visibility of business-centric application performance, from the end-user view across the datacenter and cloud to help IT professionals determine how to plan for capacity to optimize performance, determine which applications are ideal for off premise clouds, ensure the applications are performing as expected and diagnose issues quickly when they occur.

“Many organizations are realizing that the functional-silo approach to managing application performance, commonly found in traditional APM solutions, is not translating to cloud environments,” said Motti Tal, executive vice president, OpTier. “With the dynamic nature of clouds and virtualization, application performance management must follow the flow of usage, such as a transaction, and dynamically map the topology of that flow to effectively know if and where performance is being impacted. The days of manually tracking infrastructure to manage application performance are over.”

To participate in the beta of this offering or for more information visit: http://go.optier.com/cloud.html or send email to cloud@optier.com.

About OpTier

Of the billions of business transactions conducted every second, more are assured by OpTier than by any other IT management software company.

OpTier’s Business Transaction Management solution (OpTier BTM(TM)) enables business application owners to take control over service performance and availability. OpTier BTM assures the quick and successful execution of all business transactions, by managing every step of every transaction. It delivers unparalleled visibility of all business transactions in order to eliminate outages, effectively manage change and improve end-user experience. OpTier, with a fast-growing list of Global 2000 customers, pioneered the concept that transactions are where IT and business meet.

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