CanIt 7.0.8 Anti-Spam Software Released

November 9, 2010

Roaring Penguin Software upgrade includes support for Domain Key
Identified Mail (DKIM) and Vouch By Reference (VBR)

OTTAWA, Nov. 9 /PRNewswire/ – Roaring Penguin Software Inc., the email
filtering experts, makers of the acclaimed CanIt-PRO, CanIt-Domain-PRO
and Hosted CanIt anti-spam solutions, announced the release of CanIt

New security features in CanIt 7.0.8:

  1. CanIt now has built-in support for DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail).
    DKIM is a method for senders to securely indicate the domain which
    takes responsibility for an email message.  DKIM can prevent attackers
    from forging the source domain of their messages. CanIt users who
    choose to use DKIM to validate the origin of a message can use
    information about the signer as an additional measure to limit spam,
    spoofing, phishing, or other undesirable behavior.

    See dkim.org for a description of DKIM.

  2. CanIt now has experimental support for Vouch By Reference (RFC 5518). 
    Vouch By Reference, or VBR, is a protocol for adding third-party
    certification to email.  Specifically, VBR permits independent third
    parties to certify that a certain domain’s DKIM signatures or SPF
    records should be trusted to indicate legitimate messages.

    Roaring Penguin Software is a leader in enabling their customers to
    adapt IETF standard protocols to the real world of spam fighting. As
    protocols like SPF, VBR and DKIM become widely used they increase the
    likelihood that spam will be detected and that valid mail will make its
    way safely into the recipients’ inboxes.

  3. CanIt 7.0.8 also  includes improvements to outbound rate limiting,
    fail-over, and reporting. 

CanIt 7.0.8 is available as:

* CanIt-PRO, an anti-spam software solution suitable for small and
medium business

* CanIt-Domain-PRO , spam filtering software for MSPs to host anti-spam
for their customers.

* Hosted CanIt, a fully outsourced, hosted spam service.

About Roaring Penguin

Founded in 1999, Roaring Penguin Software Inc.. — the email filtering experts, focuses on fighting spam at the mail server, with the acclaimed CanIt
and MIMEDefang product lines.  Today, Roaring Penguin develops its
antispam solutions for customers that include enterprises, ISPs,
Universities, web hosts, and government offices.  For more information,
visit roaringpenguin.com.


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