Irvine Sensors EAGLE-10(TM) Detects Cyber Threats

November 17, 2010

COSTA MESA, Calif., Nov. 17, 2010 /PRNewswire/ — Irvine Sensors Corporation (OTC Bulletin Board: IRSN) today announced that Irvine Sensors’ EAGLE-10(TM) “blade” product has successfully detected both simulated cyber security attacks and actual on-going anomalies in Internet traffic during third-party testing of EAGLE-10′s performance sponsored by U.S. government agencies. Irvine Sensors’ EAGLE-10 uses the Company’s chip-stacking technology and optical input/output (“I/O”) connections to enable continuous “full packet” inspection of Internet I/O data streams to detect anomalies and unauthorized intrusions, rather than just analyzing intermittent samples. The third-party testing of the EAGLE-10 has now validated this capability for a variety of firmware embodiments of cyber security software.

John Carson, Irvine Sensors CEO said, “The competitive third-party tests have dramatized the superiority of our EAGLE product that results from a firmware-based computational architecture combined with our proprietary 3-D memory access technology. The pressing need for EAGLE’s functionality derived from this combination is evident from recent headline news.”

Irvine Sensors is under contract to further extend the performance level of its EAGLE product family to design speeds of 40 gigabits per second and 100 gigabits per second for government applications, particularly cyber security. Irvine Sensors is also making the basic EAGLE products available for other potential users and has recently begun discussions with various enterprises that are interested in acting as BETA sites for demonstrating commercial applications of the EAGLE product family. The EAGLE products provide a very high speed processing platform for embedding a wide range of firmware. Interested users are invited to contact John Leon at jleon@irvine-sensors.com regarding quotations of pricing and schedule.

Irvine Sensors Corporation (www.irvine-sensors.com), headquartered in Costa Mesa, California, is a vision systems company engaged in the development and sale of miniaturized infrared and electro-optical cameras, image processors and stacked chip assemblies and sale of higher level systems incorporating such products. Irvine Sensors also conducts research and development related to high density electronics, miniaturized sensors, optical interconnection technology, high speed network security, image processing and low-power analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits for diverse systems applications.

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