November 19, 2010

Google To Hire 2,000 More Employees

Google is planning to hire over 2,000 more employees to help bump up its workforce as it expands into new markets and battles for talent with faster-growing rivals. 

According to a Reuters report, Google has job openings listed for 2,076 positions on its website.  The world's largest Internet search engine's financial chief told investors in September that the Internet industry was waging a "war for talent."

The number of job openings is almost six-times as much as what was available in March 2009.

The new hiring spree is taking place alongside a new string of over 20 acquisitions this year that have already helped Google's ranks jump to over 23,000 employees at the end of September, which is up about 18 percent since the beginning of the year.

"We've been ramping up our hiring and the number of open jobs over the course of the last year," Google spokesman Jordan Newman told Reuters.

He said the job listings Web page was completely up to date and is monitored very carefully.

Google is looking for new opportunities to grow by branching out into a variety of markets, including Android smartphone software, online display advertising and Web-based productivity software.

According to media reports, Google announced this month that it would give all of its employees a 10 percent raise in 2011, which is a move that many analysis believe is an attempt to retain its best employees.

Google's current job openings are primarily for engineers and sales staffers, with about half of them working in the U.S.  Some of the jobs were listed as temporary, but most were full-time positions.


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