EASi Delivers More Efficient Way to Manage Grant Processes Online

November 22, 2010

PLEASANTON, Calif., Nov. 22, 2010 /PRNewswire/ — Equity Administration Solutions, Inc. (EASi), the leading independent stock plan software company, today announced the availability of Grant WorkStream which makes the end-to-end grant administration process easier. Beyond online grant acceptance, the EASi platform now includes Command Center, Merge Master, and the flexibility to select one of three grant acceptance processes.

“EASi’s Grant WorkStream gives Administrators the ultimate in control and flexibility so they can manage the grant process in a more efficient and risk-free manner using the existing, integrated EASi employee portal,” explained Denise Vitale, Vice President of Product Development for EASi.

The Command Center puts the tools for online grant package creation, delivery, notification, and acceptance management in one convenient screen. Administrators control when participants see their grants and when expensing and reporting begin. This functionality also includes quick status review and reset functions, plus an exception process for Participants who don’t use online delivery and signature.

EASi’s Merge Master tool allows for dynamic presentation of each participant’s grant details into the master plan document. Administrators can create a shell HTML document with boilerplate text that applies to all Participants receiving the same type of grant using merge tags to designate where the Participant and grant-specific details are shown.

“EASi’s architecture leverages a single, real-time data source with built-in triggers to move administrative processes from start to finish,” said Mark Ebersole, Chief Technology Officer for EASi. Grant WorkStream is part of our product strategy to continually make the job of stock administration less costly, less time-consuming and less and less paper-intensive.”

EASi supports three different Grant Acceptance Processes: 1) Acceptance Activates Grant, 2) Acceptance Allows Exercise/Release, and 3) Acceptance Optional with no punitive consequence to participants. Grant acceptance locks down and creates an audit archive of the grant package for at-will viewing and printing. EASi also supports interfaces with brokers and other external systems used for the grant acceptance process.

Equity Administration Solutions, Inc. www.easiadmin.com set the standard in stock plan software with its comprehensive industrial strength platform that handles all the accounting, tax and administration needs of companies that grant equity awards. Headquartered in Pleasanton, CA, EASi continues to lead the industry with second-to-none solutions in areas including FAS123R, IFRS 2, Performance Awards , material modifications and WorkStream process automation. The company serves more than 600 customers with nearly one million participants in more than 60 countries spanning four continents.

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