ThickButtons Releases Cool Improvements in New Free Version of Android Touchscreen Typing App: 31% Improved Accuracy, 24% Improved Speed

November 23, 2010

Popular Android TouchScreen Typing App Adds Features Voted Up by Community, Including Voice Input and Language Support – New Free Version Out Today Features 31% Improved Accuracy, 24% Improved Speed Over QWERTY Keyboards, Ahead of Massive 2011 Release

Palo Alto, CA (PRWEB) November 22, 2010

ThickButtons today released a new free version of its touchscreen typing app on the Android Market with improvements including expanded languages, voice interface for FroYo users, and other small changes that together have yielded 31% improved accuracy and 24% improved speed over QWERTY keyboards in usability tests.

A few of the improvements found in the new free release include:

  •     Typing in Spanish, German, English, French and Italian;
  •     Voice input for FroYo users;
  •     Smarter support of landscape mode.

The new free version 0.9 is a preview of ThickButtons 1.0, which will be shipped on handsets in spring 2011. The commercial version will feature all these improvements and more, including support for 25 languages and a new prediction algorithm to match the speed of fast typers. The commercial version will be provided pre-installed on select handsets in the first half of 2011.

First released in March of 2010, the ThickButtons alpha version introduced a smarter, easier and more accurate way to type on your touchscreen Android phone. ThickButtons improves ease and accuracy on the touchscreen by shrinking the letters that are not likely to be used and enlarging the buttons that are.

“We always knew that Thickbuttons was cool and fun to use, but these tests validate that ThickButtons really does make you faster and more accurate on a touchscreen phone,” said DimitriLisitski, CEO for Thickbuttons. “The tests measured typing speed and accuracy on users who had never tried ThickButtons before. The results were impressive: 24% improvement in typing speed, and 31% improvement in accuracy ““ and users without any previous experience with touchscreens showed even more improvement.” (See more about the usability test at http://www.ThickButtons.com/index.php?f=usability.)

While the underlying science and algorithms are complicated, the interface is simple: unlike most dictionary-based prediction technologies that guess the full word during the typing process, ThickButtons finds it much easier to predict the letters unlikely to be used and make them smaller, leaving rest of the text more accessible. With ThickButtons technology, the size of a phone screen is less of an issue because the buttons are enlarged.

As for the other improvements, Lisitski is proud that nearly all of them were voted up on ThickButtons’ community page: “We heard from our 140,000 beta users that they loved that they didn’t have to learn a new typing method to use Thickbuttons,” he said. “But we also heard about things like the lack of FroYo voice inputs, support for more languages, and other small changes that we’ve corrected in this version. For example, some experienced users complained that the buttons couldn’t keep up with their fingers if they typed fast. We are adding a second prediction algorithm in the upcoming version so that even experienced users can type more quickly and accurately on their touchscreens. We love this kind of feedback, it only makes us better.”

ThickButtons 0.9 will be available for download on the Android Market starting today.

About ThickButtons

Founded in November 2008, ThickButtons introduces a technology that makes text input on touchscreen smartphones, even small ones, easy, convenient and accurate. ThickButtons’ technology is based on the premise that it’s much easier to predict which letters are unlikely to be used than to guess the full word, as other prediction technologies do. ThickButtons then shrinks the less-used letters out of the way, which leaves room to enlarge the letters a user needs. Input is easy, with no need to learn a new typing method. ThickButtons is less dependent on dictionary input than other predictive technologies, and therefore learns new words like slang and Instant Message or SMS acronyms quickly. The improved beta version of ThickButtons for Android is available on the Android Market starting today. The full commercial version will be provided pre-installed on handsets. The company is self-funded and has 6 employees in Silicon Valley and Ukraine. For more information please visit http://www.ThickButtons.com.

For more information, contact:

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