November 24, 2010

Mobile Internet Traffic Seeing Rapid Growth

October saw the fastest rate in seven months of global mobile data traffic, raising the prospect of new orders for the makers of telecoms equipment.

Opera Software ASA said on Wednesday that global data traffic through its browser rose 15 percent in October from September, and jumped 134 percent from last year.

The mobile Internet market has jumped since the introduction of Apple Inc.'s iPhone in 2007.

Wireless operators are eager to raise revenue from Internet browsing and social networking as revenue from traditional voice calls decline.

The rising pressure on networks is helping browsers like Opera, which packages up to 90 percent of the data to save network bandwidth.

Nokia Siemens, Ericsson and Alcatel-Lucent, which have struggled in recent years in the face of aggressive pricing by Asian rivals, expect that rising data traffic will lead to new orders.

Only a few operators have publicly admitted to the problem of keeping pace with data traffic because of the fear of losing its customers.  However, a global survey showed earlier this month that 63 percent are experiencing difficulties 

According to Web analytics firm StatCounter, Opera has increased its market share over rival browsers in the last few months and controlled 24.5 percent of the market in October.

The BlackBerry, iPhone and Nokia browsers all have 16 to 18 percent of the market share.

Opera's 76.3 million users for its Opera Mini browser all access the Internet through Opera's servers.  They generated 616 million megabytes of data traffic for operators around the world last month.


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