Web Start-up Generates $500,000 in First Year Revenues

December 2, 2010

IMarketing 2030, LLC celebrates their first year of operation with over $500,000 in revenues and a increase in staff from 1 to 12 individuals. Through the efforts of two primary web start-ups they have positioned themselves as a leader in content creation through The Content Authority and offer Online Marketing services through Niche Tracker.

Freedom, PA (PRWEB) December 1, 2010

In the current jaded business environment, finding a start-up that has spent its entire existence “in the black” is a rare find. This little web service company has a big mission: to support web entrepreneurs and existing companies with web-content needs in building and refining their web presence.

With gross revenues of just over $500,000 and spending 364 of their 365 days of existence in a positive cash-flow position, IMarketing2030 LLC has a lot to celebrate. While preparing for the first anniversary of their web-content site, The Content Authority, CEO Shawn Manaher took a few moments to review some of the company’s achievements in the first year and what to expect in the next during a recent interview.

1. What is The Content Authority all about?

The Content Authority (TCA) is one side of the IMarketing 2030, LLC business coin. The company offers services which include site building, development and rank tracking via Niche Tracker (NT), while TCA continues to provide article creation, where someone can buy articles and submission. They offer products and services that build on the existing online marketing campaigns of individuals and businesses.

TCA started as pure content generation, but it was quickly clear clients needed more. All of the decisions generating changes for TCA have occurred by answering a single question: How can we better serve our writers and clients? This is where NT has supported our client base and their goals.

The beauty of their format is that they have services that can fit every budget. From $10 to $10,000, they can help clients develop and distribute content in ways that will drive their business forward.

2. What have been TCA’s greatest achievements in its inaugural year?

They are most proud of creating a system that is user friendly for writers and clients alike. And they have done an excellent job this past year creating a web interface that supports 4,000 writers and a similar number of clients.

This has demanded a strong team. In the last year, they have gone from a staff of one to a staff of twelve. The freelance writers have created over 115,000 total articles, with a rejection rate of only 0.008%. In a very subjective industry, they have a “failure rate” at the five sigma level, approaching a six-sigma gold-standard. This is truly outstanding for a web-content provider.

3. Who have been the key players in TCA’s success?

The staff at TCA and NT have made it possible to support the writer and client community that drives their business. Each of the staff understands that the writers are the internal customers, the clients are the external customer and both are critical to the mission.

That said, some individuals stand out: Shawn Dolen, the head of the development team; Faith Kaltenbach is the glue that holds the Editing and Customer Care areas together; and Lei White who started as Senior Editor and transitioned into the Niche Tracker Manager as that became a key growth sector.

4. Why do clients use TCA? How is this company different from the other web-content services?

Clients use TCA to receive original and rewritten content for their site, blog and back linking sites.

They return for two reasons: 1) because they know that TCA will provide an excellent product at a very reasonable price and 2) They know they will receive the BEST customer service online for any content creation company in existence. They prove it each week. The customer service staff continues to expand in support of the growing client list.

Most content creation companies stop at the point of creating the content. Their methods is to build a back link powerhouse to places like EzineArticles, GoArticles, and a host of other rank building tools make them different. They are also approaching a new service release which will enable clients to order content directly delivered into their existing WordPress sites. More news coming soon!

In addition, they are different in that they are leveraging technology and will continue to support software development ensuring a wonderful experience for both writers and clients.

5. What is some good advice for new clients of TCA?

Check them out first before placing a large order. They know they provide an excellent product, but it is always good practice to start out small. This helps a user get used to how the system works, what to expect in terms of the quality and the turn around speed of orders.

6. What direction will TCA be taking in the future?

The focus this year internally will be further development of our Niche Tracker site, providing a simple and comprehensive means for clients to monitor all of their websites’ search engine ranking performance relative to their competition.

They will also be pushing forward on a new marketing strategy to get the word out about TCA & NT. This will mean they look to be making the rounds by participating in some of the top Internet Marketing conventions in the US & Canada. IMarketing 2030, LLC will also be actively identifying a network of strategic partners in this coming year.

7. Is there any last advice to give clients, writers, and other interested parties?

A lot of people have placed their trust in them this past year. They really took a chance with a new content creation site. The best advice for anyone who knows about them, whether they are are a writer, client or any other interested party: don’t blink. This will be another year of agile decisions and exponential growth. Continue to trust them and they will continue to deliver the experience that any client may need. They intend to blow everyone away this year with all the new and exciting features and things we have in store.


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