December 3, 2010

Google To Combat Rude And Abusive Sellers

Internet search giant, Google, is modifying its algorithms after an online eyeglass merchant got his website listed at the top of search rankings by being consciously rude to his customers, sparking numerous complaints.

Google's Amit Singhal posted a blog, entitled "Being bad to your customers is bad for business," in which he said the company made changes after a report by The New York Times drew Google's attention to the matter.

According to the NY Times story, the owner of the online shop, named DecorMyEyes.com, boosted his site's search prominence by generating negative reviews from customers.

With his site being listed at the top of search listings, he was able to procure more business, according to the DecorMyEyes.com owner.

"Even though our initial analysis pointed to this being an edge case and not a widespread problem in our search results, we immediately convened a team that looked carefully at the issue," said Singhal.

The algorithmic solution developed by Google detects merchants and businesses that, "in our opinion, provide an extremely poor user experience," said Singhal. He added that "the solution is already live."

"I am here to tell you that being bad is, and hopefully will always be, bad for business in Google"Ëœs search results," he said.

Google declined to offer details of what changes to its algorithms were made so as not to provide information to people who could attempt to up their search rankings dishonorably.


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