December 5, 2010

IPv4 Net Addresses Will Be Gone By January

Experts at the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) warned Friday that the reserve of available Internet addresses will be used up around the globe in January.

ICANN, which provides the addresses to five regional organizations around the world, currently uses Internet Protocol version 4 -- which has about 4 million addresses. Experts say it has reached its limit.

"The pool of central addresses will be used up in January," Ernesto Majo, communications director for the Registry of Internet addresses for Latin America and the Caribbean, told AFP.

"This week four blocks of Internet addresses have been used up," Majo said. "We are left with only five, and it has been decided that they will be distributed to each of the regional Internet registries."

Majo, however, said the situation was "not serious" because a new Internet protocol will allow for the production of billions of new Internet addresses.

Internet Protocol version 6 will allow for the registry and service of billions of new addresses.


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