Corvil Extends Latency Management Platform for Direct Market Access and High Speed Trading Services

December 6, 2010

LONDON and NEW YORK, December 6, 2010 /PRNewswire/ — Corvil, provider of
latency management systems for financial markets, today extended the
capabilities of its CorvilNet solution to include in-depth analysis of
latency and trading performance for the entire trading loop. This includes
end-to-end and segment-by-segment monitoring of latency of an order as it is
sent from the buy-side to sell-side, processed and routed through to the
final liquidity destination. The enhanced functionality allows measurement of
the algorithm latency from receipt of the tick update to issue of the order
(“tick to trade”) and the matching engine latency from receipt of the order
to update of the market data feed (“trade to tick”). Support for proprietary
applications and protocols is provided by the CorvilNet Software Development
Kit (SDK), a self-contained software development and test environment, which
is also released today.

CorvilNet provides real-time analysis and understanding of the
performance of trade order flow, market data, the underlying infrastructure
and execution venues. CorvilNet identifies individual orders, by order ID or
other application-layer content, and pinpoints exactly where latency is
occurring across multiple, transforming hops. Latency measurement across
Direct Market Access (DMA) systems including all internal hops and decision
latencies is supported. New orders, modifies, cancels, etc. are correlated
with all responses for complete order tracking and market response time

The Schneider Group has been using the new release of CorvilNet to
enhance their high-performance trading services. “Our focus is to provide our
clients with the fastest connectivity and lowest-latency trading
infrastructure possible. CorvilNet has been very effective in providing us
with real-time latency measurements from our traders through our applications
and out to the venues. This in-depth analysis and understanding of latency at
a very granular level enables us to quickly take action to optimize the
performance of our entire trading services,” Collin Coleman, Chief Operating
Officer, The Schneider Group.

    Significant benefits of the new CorvilNet release include:

    - Ability to provide clients with details of end-to-end order processing
      latency for the market open and close, for the past day, past week, or
      continuously via a live portal.

    - Rapid detection and resolution of potential client latency issues
      before they become a problem for the client.

    - Verification you are getting the speed and performance improvements
      expected from your trading applications, infrastructure and services,
      and that the improved performance continues as your business scales.

“The addition of complex application latency tracking and the new SDK
provide our customers with the platform to understand trading performance in
real time and at scale,” said Donal O’Sullivan, VP of Product Management at
Corvil. “CorvilNet continues to be the only product on the market supporting
integrated application and network latency management and the new release
delivers even greater benefit to providers of high speed execution and
trading services.”

The CorvilNet DMA / Trading Services upgrade and CorvilNet SDK are
available today.

About Corvil

Corvil is a provider of Latency Management systems to the world’s leading
trading organizations including global banks, exchanges, electronic market
makers and service providers to financial markets. The company was founded in
2000 and operates from New York, London and Dublin. Customers use Corvil for
precision monitoring, troubleshooting and reporting of performance for their
trading applications and networks. In addition, Corvil’s products are used to
demonstrate latency compliance and transparency of services such as
co-location, direct feeds and Direct Market Access (DMA) offered to trading
clients. For more information on Corvil, please visit http://www.corvil.com


Source: newswire

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