December 7, 2010

Cisco And Juniper Join The Cloud Crowd

Cisco Systems Inc. and Juniper Networks Inc., two of the top network equipment manufacturers in the United States, announced separate deals that were meant to strengthen their expertise in the growing popularity of cloud computing and "virtualization" technology.

Cloud computing and virtualization products allow users to access computer data remotely over the Internet, and are increasingly in demand as large companies try to cut back on hardware in their data centers.

Juniper bought virtualization technology company Altor Networks for $95 million, and Cisco announced it had formed a partnership with business software company BMC Software Inc.

Juniper said Altor's firewall and intrusion detection systems will help companies that are adopting virtualization but are worried about the security of the new arrangements.

Cisco said Monday it plans to use its partnership with BMC to develop and sell new equipment to communications service providers and other companies building cloud computing systems.

Juniper is trying to step up its competition against its bigger rival Cisco by expanding its sales focus to include a broader, corporate client base, instead of just phone and cable service providers.


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