iPad, iPod & iPhone ‘Catablogs’ Take Green Approach to Exploding Market for Used, Refurbished and Recycled Apple Gadgets

December 14, 2010

With Apple’s iPads, iPods and iPhones expected to sell over 150 million combined units in 2011, the market for used, refurbished and recycled Apple products is also ready to explode. A new trio of websites aims to help find you the best deals.

Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) December 13, 2010

A new trio of website “Catablogs” launched this week aimed squarely at the booming “secondary” market for all things “i”. Now officially open for business after more than a year in development: theiPadspot.com , theiPodspot.com and the theiPhonespot.us are all based on a new and unique “Catablog” format, according to company owner and developer Henry Perlmutter.

Rather than selling products directly, the sites are designed to showcase daily deals from a wide variety of web merchants. And they’re not limited to a few used and/or refurbished items, but a huge selection of new, used and refurbished iPods, iPads, “unlocked” iPhones and accessories. The integrated “TiPS” blog incorporates iPod and iTunes tips and how-to’s, and their all-new (and free) 2011 iPod Buyers Guide lays out the details on what are now 28 generations and counting of iPods, iPhones and iPads. The site also has put together a complete iPod + iTunes Ad Gallery on YouTube, featuring every one of Apple’s iconic iPod/iTunes Commercials dating all the way back to 2001.

“The “Catablog” format at its core is a web-based catalog/shopping cart, but it’s designed from the ground up to seamlessly integrate an active, authoritative and information-rich Blog”, says Perlmutter. With over 10 years in designing and developing custom internet catalogs and websites, Perlmutter came up with the idea after watching the explosion of what he calls “i-Blogs”: “There are a million of these “i-Blogs” out there… all yapping on every day about all things Apple… very few are making any money, and fewer still have anything new to add to the party. Lots of people are just blogging away and then trying to sell a few tacked-on products from their blog”. “I wanted to start out with a web-based catalog that incorporated a comparison shopping function, but also thoroughly integrated all the best features of a Blog”

The green angle comes from the company’s pledge to donate a portion of every sale to “help protect our environment” “It’s just our small way of making a contribution, but every little bit helps… we wanted to give something back,” says Perlmutter. Additionally, the websites are also all hosted using “certified green web-hosting”, meaning that its servers are powered entirely with wind power, via Green-e certified renewable energy credits.

Apple and other related products are available on the websites via theiSpots associate and affiliate relationships with many of the webs’ leading merchants. Planned additions to the sites include more detailed comparison shopping features and buyers guides, as well as more original content, reviews and information. Additional iSpot sites are also in the planning stages for launch in 2011.

Company Information:
TheiSpots is a growing network of websites serving the Apple iOS device markets, with websites including: theiPadspot.com, theiPodspot.com and the iPhonespot.us. It is a venture of AdCenter, a Phoenix, Arizona based Internet Development firm owned and operated by Henry Perlmutter. Other AdCenter e-commerce ventures include AZtrucks.com, a leading internet retailer of aftermarket automotive parts and accessories since 2001.

For further information please contact:
Henry Perlmutter

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