December 14, 2010

Toshiba Factory To Provide Apple LCD Panels

Semiconductor company Toshiba Corp will spend nearly $1.2 billion to build a factory for manufacturing small LCD panels to supply mostly Apple's iPhones, according to a report by the Nikkei business daily news.

The facility will be built in Ishikawa Prefecture -- a prefecture of Japan located in the Chubu region on Honshu island -- and the plant will produce low-temperature polysilicon LCD panels, which allow for high-resolution images, the paper said.

The company, which is a wholly owned unit of Toshiba Mobile Display Co, will begin work on the plant early next year, with the production phase due to begin in the second half of 2011, said Nikkei.

Toshiba already produces low-temperature polysilicon LCD panels at another facility in the prefecture and its monthly production capacity of 8.5 million units is projected to more than double with the new factory, the paper said.

Nikkei said that Apple is expected to invest in a portion of the investment for the facility.


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