Identity and access management identified as a top security issue for 2011 by Forrester Research

December 16, 2010

IAM featured in Forrester report, “Twelve Recommendations For Your 2011
Security Strategy” 

CALGARY, Dec. 16 /PRNewswire/ – Hitachi ID Systems (www.hitachi-id.com), a leading publisher of identity and access management (IAM)
solutions, confirms that our customers report the same priorities as
captured in a recent Forrester report, titled “Twelve Recommendations
For Your 2011 Security Strategy.”

The yearly report, written by Khalid Kark, outlines 12 important
recommendations on security strategies for the coming year based on
hundreds of client inquiries, numerous consulting engagements and
dozens of primary research interviews with both CISOs and major
security consultancies and service providers. The 2011 recommendations
fall into three major themes:

  1. Better governance structures.
  2. More mature security process.
  3. Improved analytics and reporting capabilities.

Of specific interest to Hitachi ID Systems, the report recommends that
organizations consider a move from identity management to information
and access management as they prepare their 2011 security strategies.

The report notes that “security professionals increasingly recognize
that access control and information management are key components of
data security.” This means that onboarding and deactivating users in a
reliable, timely fashion is not enough. Organizations have to ensure
that users get appropriate access rights, both initially and as they
move through an organization. The Forrester report goes on to point out
that “Often, you must demonstrate controls around segregation of
duties, privileged access, and stronger authentication for
Internet-facing applications to meet regulatory requirements.”

“We at Hitachi ID Systems have always understood that managing
identities and managing entitlements are two sides of the same coin.
That’s why our user provisioning solutions have always included
connectors to manage user access to many types of systems and can
control both login accounts and group memberships,” says Idan Shoham,
Hitachi ID Systems CTO.

All Hitachi ID products are security-focused. Hitachi ID Password
Manager helps organizations to enforce robust password policies while
lowering the cost of supporting passwords, tokens, smart cards and
biometrics. Privileged Password Manager eliminates static, shared
passwords, especially as applied to administrator, service and embedded
accounts. These are important security controls, often accompanied by
major IT operational cost savings.

About Hitachi ID Systems, Inc.
Hitachi ID Systems, Inc. is a leading provider of identity management
solutions. Hitachi ID Management Suite has been licensed by hundreds of
mid- to large-sized organizations worldwide. Hitachi ID Systems’
solutions enable organizations to effectively manage every aspect of
the user lifecycle. Hitachi ID Management Suite includes Identity
Manager, Password Manager and Privileged Password Manager.

For more information about Hitachi ID Systems, Inc. and its products,
please visit the corporate web site at http://Hitachi-ID.com, the product web sites at http://Identity-Manager.Hitachi-ID.com, http://Password-Manager.Hitachi-ID.com, http://Privileged-Password-Manager.Hitachi-ID.com, or call 1-403-233-0740. 

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