Number Investigator Empowers and Protects Consumers from Scams During the Holiday Season

December 23, 2010

NumberInvestigator.com Works to Protect Consumers from Scam Artists that are Particularly Prevalent Around the Holiday Season.

Bellevue, WA (PRWEB) December 22, 2010

With the rise of mobile technology and the declining use of landlines and associated caller ID systems, Number Investigator helps consumers find and share information about the calls they receive.

Telemarketers aren’t the only annoying callers plugging lines around the holidays in an attempt to separate people from their cash. While it’s true that many popular scams have begun to take shape in the online world, there are still some old-fashioned swindlers attempting both cash and identity theft through phone calls and text messages.

In September 2010, the FDIC reported an elaborate scam aimed at home buyers and loan recipients. Potential scam victims received phone calls from individuals posing as FDIC employees attempting to gain personal information such as bank account numbers and debit or credit card numbers. As the holidays approach, there’s no shortage of cons attempting to drive a wedge between unsuspecting victims and their hard-earned cash.

Police departments across the country are warning consumers about several popular scams this holiday season. One, known as the “Help! I’ve Been Robbed!” scam, involves staged phone calls to family and friends of the targeted “victim” indicating that they are a family member and have been robbed and require that money be wired or transferred so they can make it home. Another popular technique used all year long is known as “Smishing” or “text phishing”. Potential victims receive text messages from con artists claiming to be their bank or an online retailer. These texts usually indicate that there has been a problem with the owner’s account and ask that they verify their account information. Individuals tend to be more vulnerable to this scam during the holiday season when they are shopping at a variety of stores both on and offline.

NumberInvestigator.com allows consumers to protect their identities and their cash by searching for and reporting offending con artists. The site has a running list of offending callers and complaints organized by phone number. An individual seeking information about an unknown caller simply has to enter in the 10-digit phone number. The resulting report will provide the requester with general location information, complaints related to the phone number and additional premium information for a fee.

In addition to NumberInvestiagor.com’s complaint service and aggregation feature, the site also houses several tips and resources, including a link to the Do Not Call Registry.

Unlike many reverse phone lookup services, NumberInvestigator.com is one of the few consumer advocate sites that allows consumers to report phone number complaints to organizations that have the ability to take action. Number Investigator gives consumers power to report potential fraud and band together to take action to eliminate these intrusive phone calls.


Numberinvestigator.com is a leading provider of reverse phone lookup services that enable consumers to simply search a number, including cell numbers (where available), landline numbers and VoIP to accurately find the owner of that number.


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