Microsoft® OneNote® Competitor Announces Newest Release

December 25, 2010

Utah firm improves upon its increasingly popular PerfectNotes® software to further improve students’ classroom experience and give them a competitive edge.

Orem, UT (PRWEB) December 24, 2010

Just in time for the start of the new semester, PerfectNotes® Corporation announced today the release of the newest version of their note taking software of the same name.

This latest version represents a complete break from the previous versions, seeking to improve both the user’s experience and rapid access to both notes and the user’s recording of the event.

“Our objective was to create a note taking experience that is not only easy to use in time pressure situations, but also gives students easy access to their notes cross-linked with a recording of their class.” says Rachel Rehm, Vice President and co-founder of PerfectNotes® Corporation. “We’re excited that this newest version achieves these objectives.”

PerfectNotes® Corp. mainly markets its software to college and high school students, but is becoming increasingly popular among other demographics as well.

“We have been surprised by the people who have chosen to purchase PerfectNotes®” says Rehm. “We had anticipated selling to college students directly, but instead we have seen parents and other relatives purchasing the software for their students. We have also seen many adults who are returning to school purchase the software for themselves.” Rehm said.

The Company aims to fill the needs of a diverse group of students in an ever expanding niche market. Several other companies attempt to meet the needs of this large group of customers, including Microsoft® with their note taking software OneNote®. Each company has different end goals in meeting the needs of this particular group of users.

“What is unique about PerfectNotes® is that it instantly gives a cross-linked view of your notes with a recording of the class the student attended.” Rehm explained. “This frees the student to spend more time participating and understanding what is going on and makes it easier for the note taker to come back later to flesh out their notes or quickly refer back to what they missed.”

Sara, a ninth grade student in a charter school that encourages the use of technology, has been particularly fond of the tool. She uses it on her netbook in many of her classes. “I have found it particularly helpful for Spanish class.” Sara remarked. “I have a hard time remembering exactly how the teacher pronounces the words. This way, I just click and hear it again as many times as I need to.”

The Corporation has also taken aim at the increasing number of netbook computer owners. These small sized and more importantly small priced miniature laptops are popular with budget strapped students. These diminutive computers usually don’t ship bundled with traditional software.

“Many students are disappointed when they try to use their netbooks for the first time and realize that they are barely functional because of the lack of bundled software. Because of its competitive price and usefulness specifically for students, PerfectNotes® is an excellent choice to increase a netbook’s functionality.” Rehm stated.

In order to keep the software competitively priced for students, the Company prices the full version at just $29.95. A free demo is available from http://www.PerfectNotes.com.


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