December 25, 2010

Hottest 2010 Chinese Search Terms: Microblog, Wikileaks

According to a list published this week by a Chinese Wikipedia-style website, "Microblog" and "Wikileaks" were among the 10 hottest terms on the Internet in China this year.

The website said Thursday that web users searched the definition of the term "microblog" over three million times on Hudong.com this year, while they sought out the meaning of "Wikileaks" nearly 800,000 times.

Hudong.com asked Internet surfers to vote on the most popular terms of the web and "microblog" and "Wikileaks" received the most votes.

The term "showing off my father" was also high on the list, which is a term referring to a fatal hit-and-run accident where the drunken perpetrator found that he would go unpunished due to his father being a high-ranked policeman.

The man's actual comment was:  "My father is Li Gang," but the website did not use that line because it has been banned by China's Internet censors.

Other terms included "era of inflation," which reflects the rising prices throughout China and the "vuvuzela trumpet," which is the plastic horn that provided the droning soundtrack to the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

The website said that the list of popular terms reflected the issues that web users in China are concerned with.

China holds the world's largest online population with over 420 million, with many using the Internet as a forum to express opinions in a way rarely seen in a country where the traditional media remains under strict control.